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Proper British Boarding School Birching

Michael has a very contentious relationship with his father, the headmaster at his prep school. As you would expect, Headmaster Thomas expects a high standard of behaviour from all of his students, but holds his own son even above that. During the second semester, Michael was involved in an embarrassing prank with a group of his classmates; all were disciplined with the cane and it proved to be a sufficient correction for their rowdiness. Now that the school year is over, Michael is the last student at the campus while he waits for his father to complete his administrative duties. His father takes him aside and tells him his punishment for the prank is not finished. Now that his studies are over, he must take his punishment like a man, and he must endure the lash of the birch, as the Headmaster himself endured when he was a youth. Michael has no choice but to lower his trousers and bend over and wait for the pain. His father remains calm and gives him ten lashes with the bundle of birch twigs, and Michael’s buttocks are quickly looking raw and inflamed. The entire scene is heavenly for British corporal punishment enthusiasts — Click here to see the full Birching scene by navigating to the M|M section.


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Bare Ass Punishment closeups

Here’s a short, intense burst of bare ass punishment…a fit toned lad, stripped naked and bent over the arm of a sofa, and punished with a succession of more horrifying lashes from a paddle, belt and finally from a birch. There’s no masking the pain, no cushioning the blow. Its anger, its sadism, its glee in administering discipline. The lad can hardly keep his feet under him. The smack of the leather on the flesh reverberates through the clip. Its pain and punishment in it’s purest expression.

aggressive male-male spanking

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Intense bare hand and birching compilation

This is a video I found buried in my personal archive on an old hard drive I was cleaning up…it’s from British Boys Fetish Club and it’s a straight up compilation of young lads — twinks, jocks, muscle pups — getting punished with bundles of birch rods and bare hands. The first lad in the video is a farmhand getting punished for laziness by his big fat boss. First, the lad is bent over the big man’s knee and spanked on his bare ass, with the boss’s heavy working man’s hand. Then the lad is bent over a sawhorse and raked across the buttocks with a bundle of birch twigs. The whipping sound is punctuated by the lads screams and cries. It’s a very intense clip. The next clip is the same lad getting whipped again across the ass with birch twigs in his bunk. Another muscular young jock gets whipped on the ass while he lies prone on a sofa. I really, really enjoyed this twink birching compilation video — click here to get full access.


gay hardcore birching corporal punishment


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Painful Birching Video

Who doesn’t love it when you see old-school punishment? I love seeing some misbehaving twink get his ass lashed with a switch or a birch branch. This video features a young misbehaving lad tied to a tree in the dead of winter, his pants yanked down and to keep his ass from freezing, his daddy is applying lots of heat! The trembling twink moans in agony each time the birch stings his tender flesh, and his ass turns an intense shade of red, you can almost see it throbbing with intense pain! Enter here to see the full video of the twink’s brutal birching punishment!

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Painful Outdoor Birching Clip — Twink cries in pain!

Here’s a great clip from TonOnline featuring more footage of bad boy model Ton getting nasty exploring his Dominant side and releasing his pent up aggression. He binds his playmate to a tree using plastic wrap and uses a branch to whip his bare ass. Its been a long time since I’ve seen a white boy’s ass looking that red and sore…Ton relishes causing his buddy so much pain and anguish. Enjoy the clip and see the full video of Ton tormenting his new slave exclusively at!

agonized twink gets his ass whipped

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