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Young Ben fidgets and squirms when he gets a painful hairbrush spanking

Another cute amateur lad has appeared in a spanking video for Rich at Rich is really loving Ben, a slender young dude, straight and surprising cool about getting naked and laying across his lap. Rich lectures Ben and spanks his ass with his bare hand, and when Ben refuses to give him a satisfactory response to the pain, Rich increases the intensity, spanking Ben with a leather strap with an increased tempo and then with a wooden hairbrush at a very fast pace. Ben finally gives into the pain and becomes very fidgety and starts to vocalize. His groans and little squeals please Rich very much and he finally relents his sadistic spanking punishment. I love it when the old-school guys use a hairbrush to punish these little brat boys. Click here to finish watching Ben’s painful first spanking video.

young Ben fidgets and squirms when he gets a painful hairbrush spanking

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American twink gets paddled and belt-whipped

Once again Jeff Stern makes an appearance to add a dimension of creepiness to our enjoyment of bay spanking videos, this time appearing with delicious American twink Jasper Robinson. Stern appears in the lad’s bedroom, pulling back the covers and yanking down his underpants. Before Jasper fully realizes what’s going on, he’s getting spanked by Jeff’s bare hand and then a wooden paddle. Why do I get the feeling that before I die, I’ll be watching Dateline or 20/20 and it will feature a story on serial burglar and kinky sex offender Jeff S. I can hardly wait for the re-enacted scenes! Or perhaps thats what Jeff and Jasper are doing here, recreating a shocking crime of sex and punishment. Regardless, Jeff really gets into his role, administering a hard spanking with a wooden paddle before whipping poor Jasper’s ass with his belt. Click here to finish watching this very satisfying twink spanking video!

American twink gets a hot bare ass spanking

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Strong lad spanked savagely with a thick leather belt

Enjoy this video clip of another handsome, lean European lad getting punished by a wild-eyed, perverted Daddy-type. The older man offers no mercy, he just spanks, batters and beats the poor lad’s backside with a scary-looking leather belt. It’s painful and thrilling to watch! Enter here to see the full videos from British Boys Fetish Club and browse the fetish DVD collection!

strong lad spanked savagely with a thick leather belt

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Fit young man whipped with a belt

Here’s a quick set that I hope gets your motor running on a Monday morning. The wonderfully sick bastards at Boy Fetish Central called this lad in for an interview and promptly roped him down to the conference table and took their time groping his ass and punishing his firm, muscular backside. I would love to be the one grabbing a handful of this Czech twink’s meaty ass, pulling apart the cheeks and inspecting the hole. But alas, I am not and I will have to be content with watching this sweet lad getting whipped across the ass with a riveted leather belt. It’s hypnotizing. Click here to see the full HD video of this sweet young twink getting hard corporal punishment with a leather belt.

fit young man whipped with a belt

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Lean twink gets a harsh belt spanking

Here’s a short and sweet video clip featuring a cute Czech twink laid out on his stomach receiving a stinging spanking with a leather belt. Clad in a pair of funky yellow underpants and roped at the wrists, this twink gets his ass worked first with a bare hand and then with the leather belt. His ass turns a bright shade of red each time the leather lashes his backside. He cries and moans a little, prompting his Daddy to increase the intensity of his punishment. The twink pouts and grinds his teeth, and then Daddy starts punishing the soles of his feet. So much tingling and pain, it makes me smile to think of this sweet lad helpless and wracked with pain while his ass is turned bruised and crimson. Click here to watch the full twink spanking video.

lean twink gets a harsh belt spanking

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