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Cock-hungry youth takes a bare hand spanking

Ed is another great discover of the mystery man behind…according to the site, “A” found him in the park, looking to hook up with any man with a comfortable bed and/or some cheap wine. After auditioning him in the bushes of the park to verify his dick-sucking skills, “A” took Ed back to his apartment and let him take a shower. After the lad was all cleaned up, it was time to feed him…cock, of course. Ed strokes the long, stiff dick and sucks on it with raw amateur talent. “A” is convinced of his promise, and it’s time for the main event. Ed lays down on the bed, across the lap of his new daddy and “A” slides off his shorts, revealing a firm, young, strong set of buttocks. I wish I was in the room to cup those cheeks and feel the heat grow as they get rhythmically and more intensely spanked. The pace quickens, and Ed starts crying out. Is he having flashbacks to Daddy issues buried in the past? Click here to finish watching amateur rent boy Ed’s first gay spanking video.

cock-hungry youth takes a bare hand spanking

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Fresh Flesh: Amateur Bare Hand Spanking

It looks like another fresh young face has popped up on — Jess is a filthy young chav lad from the Estates, looking for cash and willing to get naked on video to get paid. The look on his face tells me he underestimated the pain of the spanking, because he twists up his face as his bare ass is getting a hard spanking. He’s got a really premium, white, fleshy ass with lots of bounce, and it jiggles in such a pleasing manner when it gets a hard smack of the bare hand. The naked Chav lad is getting hard as the pain builds, and when his spanking is finally completed, he strokes his hard cock until he spews out a thick coating of cum all over his own stomach and thigh. If you are hungering for a fresh face appearing in his first gay spanking video, click here to see Jess’s full corporal punishment video debut!

Fresh Flesh: Amateur Bare Hand Spanking

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Emo! Asian! Twink! OTK Spanking!

I love it when I get a great surprise in my inbox…this morning Rich from Reluctant Young Men emailed me the clip of the week and I almost peed my pants. Rich’s boy Scott managed to get his hands on Tye, a straight Emo Asian dude that is friend’s with Scott’s girlfriend. Scott and Tye hang out a lot and after hearing how Scott makes a living, Tye finally asks if he can get in on it. Scott jumps at the chance to spank this Asian cutie and wastes no time getting him naked and over his knee. The camera focuses on Tye’s face as he seems to be handling the first few bare hand spanking blows, but his cute face scrunches up into a grimace when Scott quickens his pace and dials up the intensity! He switches to a leather strap and Tye starts crying out in pain. Scot is really having some fun now, pinching Tye’s ear to make sure he doesn’t turn his face away from the camera as Tye’s whimpers become more pathetic. So if you love svelte young Asian twinks and even better, you love them with an emo streak, make sure you watch Tye’s debut Male/male spanking video.

Emo! Asian! Twink! OTK Spanking!

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Straight kickboxer lad takes a sound spanking

Praise to the skies, it’s a mid-summer’s miracle! After a few months out of contact, I have finally received a fresh new gay spanking video from mystery man “A” of infamy. He has taken his camera back to London and is now prowling around the rentboy bars in search of fine British lads in need of hard corporal punishment. One such lad is Roland, a nineteen year old straight lad used to living a wild life in the streets. His girlfriend doesn’t know how he makes extra cash, but he was willing to do his first spanking video with the suave and mysterious “A”. Roland has beautiful coffee coloured skin and is apparently an accomplished kickboxing trainee, so “A” was careful to keep him in a situation where the young male slave couldn’t erupt and turn the tables. The spanking begins, and Roland tries to play tough-guy, but the groans give way to small whimpers and plaintive protests. His dark skin hides the red sting on the spanking but by the end of his corporal punishment, the pinkish hues of his spanking are very visible. After his punishment, Roland is so turned on and horny he jerks off his hard cock and spews a bucketful of cum all over his chest. Click here to watch the latest full update from!

straight kickboxer takes a sound spanking

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