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Fantastic New Site: [UPDATE]


I normally don’t write full site reviews on Gay Spanking Clips because the nature of this blog is that each post is itself a mini review of a video or a photo set. But I think in this case, it’s warranted. I’ve been close to giving up on the old standby spanking sites because even though they might still be putting out content, they have little to no appreciation or attention to aesthetics or function. How many spanking websites still look like they are straight out of the 1990s? How many m/m spanking videos feature poorly lit pairings in a featureless room?

Finally, someone with some modern sensibilities has launched a new site that is hopefully the antidote to the AngelFire/Geocities inspired spanking websites. is the new gay spanking project from the mystery producer behind It features a new HTML5-style design, meaning that the site loads faster, has much better browser cross compatibility and is optimized for mobile browsing (responsive design). Besides that, the design is fresh, edgy and colourful, featuring lots of well lit photos of models and spanking action.


Navigation is basic, prompting the user to go from tour page to tour page. As of today, there is no models page, and no traditional homepage that allows the user to view a grid of thumbs linking to episode pages with trailers and pics. The same philosophy is carried over in the member’s area; users must navigate from scene to scene. There is no option to select a specific scene from a gallery-style homepage, which I would prefer.
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Models are all in their late teens and early twenties, and all amateurs hailing from either the UK or Eastern Europe. But make no mistake, they are still hot! Among the first group of models on the site are Bass, Mark and Jalik. The lads are lean, mostly smooth, mostly uncut, and I saw quite a few very delicious bubble butts, especially Jalik. They are portrayed as chavs, scally lads and young street hustlers. All of the lads are getting spanked bare handed and over the knee for now, but as the site matures perhaps we’ll see paddles, canes and floggers becoming more prevalent. The spanking seems to be done by two men primarily: Roland (who appeared on Spanking-Boys as TJ), Billy (also a model on Spanking-Boys), and a few guest spankers who submitted fan-made videos. In my opinion, the models is where this site excels. As with, Bad-Lads is finding models that are utterly brand new, genuinely eager to appear in the video and sexually excited by getting spanked. This kind of dedication to finding new faces is what has made me a fan of this producer for the last five years.
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Bad-Lads is launching with 15 scenes featuring mixed photo and video content. As I said above, their photos are very well lit, using lots of natural light so the colours are very bright and vibrant. Full photo sets are not available with every scene as of right now, but the site says they are being rolled out over the next few weeks.

As for videos, member videos are offered at high and medium streaming speed in MP4 format with an H264 codec (No Download Option).
High: 1920×1080, 20MBPS(!)
Medium: 960×540, 5MBPS

The video quality is very good, and as with the photos, the composition and colour are excellent. Using mostly natural lighting, the videos are very bright and capture a great amount of detail. The videos I saw featured the use of a live camera operator, unlike a lot of amateur spanking sites that rely on a stationary camera setup. One thing that I have noted to the producer is that the member’s videos are embedded in a player that does not allow fast forwarding until the entire video is loaded. So, the user must wait for the player to preload the video (in the scene that I tested, the medium video was over 600MB, the high video was 2.5GB) before being able to skip ahead. Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon.
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Pricing and Joining

Bad-Lads offers four subscription options for users:
1 month – $26.95 USD
3 month – $64.99 USD
6 month – $99.99 USD
1 year – $129.99 USD

Billing is done through, who accepts credit card or PayPal payment. There are no pre-checked cross-sales to be aware of at this time either.
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Overall impression

It’s hard not to get excited about this site. It’s done by an experienced producer with a real knack for finding brand new and eager models who can take a hard spanking that makes them sexually supercharged. I would be far more dubious if this was a new, flashy site offered by some large paysite network, but it’s a single site that’s just devoted to spanking content with videos made by men who clearly appreciate above average production values. It’s still in its infancy, but there’s still a lot to take in here, and the producer has laid out a robust update schedule including seven new movies in December. Other than some technical issues, there’s so much to like about Bad-Lads. It’s so satisfying to finally get a spanking site that understands the importance of being mobile friendly. It’s just great to have a gay spanking site that sees the importance of striving for high production values, great amateur performers and a high performing, well designed versatile website. In the gay spanking niche, I can’t think of another site that hits all three of those benchmarks.

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Images from Roland and Bass (First Featured Update)


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UPDATE (November 20, 2015): Member’s video total has been increased to 18 total videos.

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First Look: New Site Bad-Lads brings online M|M Spanking into Modern Era


A brand new M/M Spanking site launched today and I am thoroughly blown away! is produced by my old friend behind “” and it’s a fresh, modern looking gay spanking website that is full of exciting new boys, clear, well lit photos and super-high def video! The lads are in their late teens/early twenties, lean, mostly smooth, mostly uncut, and I saw quite a few very delicious bubble butts I want to sink my teeth into! It’s mostly young men doing the spanking as well, and they are a bit beefier, but still shaved and very hot!

I’ll be posting a full review tomorrow, but I just wanted to get some preliminary photos out for interested people to start exploring on their own! After what seems like years of broken old websites from the 90s, it’s a revelation to surf a new, modern male spanking site!

Click here to navigate to — a completely new, original content Gay Spanking Site.



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Lazy Young Man gets a harsh OTK spanking


Nicholas is another straight young would-be alpha to try and make some easy money doing a male spanking video. He teased Richard about how he used to laugh when his parents spanked him, and how the idea of a grown 18 year-old like him receiving corporal punishment was silly! Rich knew that smug smirk wasn’t going to last long as he pulled Nicholas by the ear over his lad and started to give him rhythmic, aggressive bare-hand smack to his backside, fist over his clothes and then to his bare skin. As his ass cheeks turn a brighter shade of pink and then an alarming shade of red, Nicholas’ small groans become all out whimpers and he twists and tries to struggle free every time Richard’s hand smacks his cheeks. When it’s all over, a sheepish and spent young man admits it was more than he could handle and he was sorry for not believing how painful it was going to be. See Nicholas’s delightfully humbling bare ass spanking video here!


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Hung Lad Cums during Spanking from Daddy!


Conrad is an endless source of frustration for his Father. He’s 19, out of school and unemployed and he slouches around the house all day doing God knows what. Judging by the endless collection of wadded up tissues in the trash, Conrad spends a lot of his day masturbating, and Dad finally hits his breaking point when he walks in on Conrad walking around without any pants or underwear on; just a t-shirt and his monster teen cock flopping around between his legs. Dad yells at him to put on some goddamn pants, but Conrad still flaunts more than the rules, pulling on a pair of trackies without underwear, and his swelling cock creates a tent that is both impressive and very discomfiting. Who wants to show off their erection to their Dad? Conrad’s Dad pulls the disturbed lad over his knee and starts to give him a spanking, and Conrad really doesn’t hide that he’s enjoying it, especially since his tree-trunk cock is slapping against his father’s thigh every time the bare hand spanks his ass! Dad realizes what’s happening and puts Conrad on the sofa and spanks him with a table-tennis paddle. Conrad’s cock swings free and starts leaking thick white semen all over his mother’s furniture! Conrad’s Dad is horrified and defeated by his monstrously horny offspring, who has thoroughly enjoyed his time with Dad and is mentally filing his experience in the spank bank! Click here to watch this very messy and inventive boy reversing the punishment dynamic on his Dad at!


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gif images by JockSpank

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Homemade Spanking Video is Real and Very Painful!

Here’s a sizzling clip of Garret, and firm young man who happened to fall into Tropixxx’s lap. Pulled over the knee of Alex Colton, Garret got a very hard spanking with a birch hand paddle nicknamed the Stinger. In short order, his bum went from pink to black and blue and his giggling grin became a gasping grimace. When he’s finally finished, he shows off his puffy bum for the camera, still burning red with bruises emerging. Can you imagine cupping that rump and feeling that heat in your hand? –SWOONS– Click here to watch Garret’s full video inside at


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