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Twink Teen curious about Painful Punishment

Mike was a big thrill for everyone the first time he appeared on Spanking-Boys and I was super excited to see that he had come back to shoot a second video. Apparently feeling the touch of a man was deeply arousing for him and he wanted to experience the sensation of Mr. “A”‘s stinging spanking and the the gentle caress of swollen teen cock. The elder kinkster was eager to welcome back the smooth, bubble butt teen back to his studio, and invited him to take a shower before commencing the punishment. Mike gets bent and twisted and flipped into every position that Mr. “A” can imagine and takes his bare hard spanking remarkably well; his teenage hormones are raging and when his master’s cock is presented to him, he eagerly jacks it off. Click here to see this sexually charged teen boy spanking video at!


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Horny Rent Boy Down For Spanking

Tomas is a super masculine rentboy working in the red light area of Budapast. After accepting an offer from the wonderful degenerate that runs, they go back to his flat for some foreplay and fun. Tomas gets into the shower and shows off his fit body and flawless skin. His host fondles his big dick until it’s hard and then starts running his finger’s through Tomas’s ass crack. Tomas has an athletic ass with a good bounce to it and his sugar daddy is eager to get the lad over his knee for a demonstration. As always, the master does a wonderful job treating us to a wide assortment of positions and angles, and we get to see close-up shots of Tomas’s ass really starting to heat up from the punishment. Finally, with his host unable to resist him any longer, Tomas gets bent over and fucked from behind by his sugar daddy. The rough and ready rentboy gets the fucking of his life and he loves it, eating his daddy’s cum and licking it all over his lips. Click here to see Tomas and all of the other amateur cuties at Spanking-Boys getting sizzling spankings!


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Neighbourhood Miscreant Served Revenge by OTK Spanking


Carmello is a 22 year old cutie who has lived in the same neighbourhood as Daddy Rich from since he was a kid. His older brother Nick recently appeared on the site and Carmello was eager to try and earn some extra cash so he asked his neighbour Rich for an opportunity. During their pre spanking chat, Carmello revealed to Rich that he was apart of a group of kids who had been vandalizing Rich’s house for the last 10 years. Carmello is now extremely nervous and Rich’s mood darkens, and the big man pulls the slim young man over his knee for an angry lecture. Carmello tries to laugh and lighten the mood, but Rich breaks him down, and by the time he gets to the hairbrush Carmello was nearly in tears, kicking and squirming and apologizing for all of the terrible shit he used to do. Click here to see this Catholic cutie getting a searing OTK spanking at!



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Young Blond God Whipped with his own Belt

Here is a classic from Tropixxx from a few years ago, newly re-released on their new site, featuring blond hunk Ryan. I would say he’s about 20 or 21 in this video and full of fight and sass. Getting him into a submissive state of mind won’t be easy, but the administrator in this video didn’t give the lovely young man much choice. Just the two of them are out in the woods, and you can feel the thrill of unrestrained sexuality in the air — when you know you are alone for miles, how can you resist sex and lustful activities outside? After ordering Ryan to strip naked, the administrator bends him over a boulder and uses the lad’s own leather belt to whip his buttocks. Ryan is wincing and whimpering and trying to wriggle away, but he won’t be allowed to leave until he’s taken his full allotment of lashes. They call this one a classic for a reason — Click here to watch the full outdoor belt whipping video inside!


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Matt feels Dad’s Wrath


Matt is supposed to be a fully grown man, but he hardly ever shows any maturity. He hangs out with an incorrigible friend, and although Matt rarely finds himself in serious trouble, even though he’s 22, his friend Andy has gotten them into some deep shit. After getting caught peeping into a department store changing room, Matt received a thorough thrashing and admonishment and was sent home. He thinks the worst is behind him and he’ll never have to tell his dad, but little does h know, his dad already knows. Matt spends the afternoon in the bathe, trying to soothe his throbbing bum, but his dad storms in and demands that Matt join him in the bedroom. Even though Matt is still wet from the bath, his dad pulls him over a knee for a hard hand spanking. After a harrowing bare hand spanking, Dad is still fuming and he smacks Matt’s buttocks with his slipper! Ouch! Fighting back tears, Matt begs his father for forgiveness and his dad finally relents. Trust will be hard to regain, but Matt will get another chance to get his life together under Dad’s roof. Click here to see the entire saga of Matt’s infractions and painful punishments.







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