Straight Boy Shocked by Painful First Spanking

This young lad is Evan, a 22 year old from the Eastern US, and is a regular employee of Tom, the producer at Spanking Straight Boys. Evan only recently found out that his boss makes kinky gay spanking videos in his off-time, and jumped at the chance to film one when he found out how much Tom paid. Evan figured what’s a little temporary pain compared to a few hundred bucks in cash? That’s what they all say. Tom gets Evan into the studio right after his shift, before he’s had a chance to change out of his work clothes or get dissuaded by his girlfriend. At first, Evan is like, “No Sweat Bro, this is easy”, as Tom spanks him over-the-knee over his pants and then over just his underwear. But Evan starts wincing a little when Tom starts spanking him with a ping-pong paddle, and then when Tom starts whipping him with a PVC flogger, Evan is in serious pain! His eyes are bulging and he is panting hard, trying to endure the sharp, stinging lashes. Finally, Tom puts Evan in a humiliating wheelbarrow position and beats his red buttocks with both hands like bongos. Evan is shocked at how painful the ordeal was, and now not so sure whether the pain was worth the money. But if past performance is any indicator, like most straight boys, Evan will be back for more! Click here to see Evan’s first gay spanking and watch him struggle to endure the pain of the flogger at Spanking Straight Boys!


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