Straight Boy Hates Getting Groped and Spanked

David is 21, in great shape, and flat broke as the holidays approach. Although he swore he would never do it again, he called Tom from Spanking Straight Boys for a video gig, and Tom was eager to promise cash if David made another gay spanking video for him. David really resents being exploited by Tom, and he really hates the way Tom caresses his naked butt during a spanking, but he’s realizing this is the real cost for taking these easy money spanking gigs. (Hey David, Haven’t you heard of Chaturbate? So much easier to earn money without getting spanked!)

Tom straps David down to a spanking bench because he wants to make sure the lad doesn’t run away during the shoot. Even though he has an all-or-nothing policy, meaning that if the boy can’t finish the spanking, he doesn’t get paid, Tom has a feeling that David might bolt. With good reason. Tom is bringing out practically every toy he has to use on David: hairbrush, leather slapper, a massive antique leather barber’s strop, a riding crop and a flogger. David was too focused on the money when he agreed to do the video that he never bothered to ask about the details. Too late! David’s bare ass is turned pink and when he’s finally freed, he rubs his hot little bum with both hands like a little boy in a cartoon. Surely a job well done! Click here to watch David’s punishment and his growing gay panic while being stroked by another man!


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