Son Caught Wanking Gets Spanked with a Bath Brush

Kevin, the eternal slacker, thinks he can duck out of work and goof around on company time since his Dad is the supervisor. He leaves a repair job to come home and wank to some hot porn on his mobile. He’s got a big stiff erection going when he Dad walks in and catches him. They are both incredibly embarrassed, and Dad to his credit, doesn’t shame Kevin for having sexual urges. His problem, is Keving bare-assing it on the family sofa when he could be using a private bathroom or his bedroom. But what really gets Dad’s goat is that his son is pulling his junk on company time! Dad makes a threat, either submit to a spanking and learn a lesson, or Kevin’s employment contract will be terminated, he won’t get paid and he can move out of the house! That’s no choice at all, so Kevin bends over Dad’s lap and submits to a long and painful bathbrush spanking along with an equally painful lecture. Watch Kevin’s muscular bum get spanked rosy red with the dreaded bathbrush at Straight Lads Spanked!

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