Skater Lads turn playful spanking into painful punishment

Skater lad Jerry has been looking everywhere for his mate Timmy, and finally finds him with his pants down surfing porn. Pissed that Timmy blew him off, and feeling a little evil that he has caught his friend about to have a wank, Jerry wrestles Timmy onto the bed and pulls off his shorts to give him a spanking. Starting playfully at first, Jerry gets more intense, building to a bare ass spanking that turns Timmy’s ass a painful shade of pink. Timmy finally manages to wrestle his way free but instead of running away from Jerry, he tackles him and pins his punisher to the bed. Now he’s going to see how Jerry likes the sting of a bare hand spanking against his tender bubble butt. Jerry grunts and squeals, unable to get away from Timmy as he spanks his red cheeks, finally gritting his teeth and burying his face in the sheets until Timmy has mercy. Skater Spank certainly has no shortage of hot young guys ready to take a hard spanking!


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