Scheming Callum Lies to Dad and Gets Spanked Even Harder

It always seems like an event when Callum is featured on Straight Lads Spanked. The young man is such a genuine actor and infuses his role with such genuine emotion, it’s like watching an honest-to-God soap opera. Dave and Callum fit together so nicely, their chemistry makes you believe they are really father and son. Dave plays the Dad and he’s still seething about having to pay off his son’s debts to loan sharks the previous week. He barges into Callum’s room on the day they agreed Callum would pay his first £100 installment, only to find Callum snoozing. Dad wakes up his loutish son and demands to get paid. Callum swears he had £85 in his jeans but it’s missing now. He even blames his Mom. Dad can see right through this bullshit. Callum hasn’t been looking for a new job, and never had anything more than £12 to show for a week’s worth of “hustle” and “effort.”


Dad promised Callum a spanking if he was short and he’s here to make good. He pulls Callum over his knee and is relentless from the first swat. Fast, heavy and fierce are the blows from Dad’s hand on Callum’s bum. Callum grits his teeth and grimaces and begs for his Dad to stop, but this is going to last and last and last. Off come the underwear. Callum’s bum is already red as an apple and it gets worse and Dad continues to pulverize his buttocks. Finally Dad stands and orders Callum to lay across the bed. There’s one last twist — Callum is going to get beaten with Grandmother’s carpet beater and it scares the bejeezus out of him. Dad gives him more than a dozen painful licks with the medieval-looking device and leaves Callum crumpled and clutching his bottom, gasping for air. His Dad leaves him with a final warning to have his money in full next time or else it’s going to get worse! I’ll be looking for that! Click here to see Callum’s misery as he gets his Dad’s Angriest Spanking at Straight Lads Spanked!


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