Scally Lad Gets off on Sneaker Spanking


Robert has a secret fetish: he’s a sneaker addict and he loves inhaling the stink of a man’s shoe. He’s sleeping over at his friend Cal’s apartment and in the middle of the night, he sneaks into Cal’s room in pitch darkness to retrieve his trainer. He’s so deeply enthralled with sniffing his friend’s shoe and jerking his cock, he doesn’t notice Cal peering in on him. When he shoots his cum all over Cal’s sneaker, his friend explodes! How the fuck do you just ruin another man’s shoe with your jizz?


Cal bends Robert over the kitchen counter and tells him if he loves sneakers so much, he’s going to love his punishment. Cal shoves Robert’s face down into his stinky shoe while using the other to spank his cheeky bottom. Robert winces but tries to hide his smile as the rubber of the sneaker sole keeps smacking his plush bottom over and over.


His cock bounces rhythmically, and Cal keeps swatting Robert’s ass with the trainer. Seeing that the spanking is only arousing his friend more, Cal switches to his bare hand and really gives Robert something painful to remember. Worth it for Robert? Oh yeah, he’s going to be jacking off to this memory for years.


gif images by Jock Spank