Savage, Intense Flogging

I don’t normally post a lot of content here from mostly BDSM sites like BoundGods, but this week’s update contained flogging and whipping action so intense, I had to share it. House Dom Spencer Reed, a brickhouse stud if I’ve ever seen one, is giving his real life boyfriend Philip an unadulterated, no-holds-barred, no mercy training session, and the corporal punishment was fucking amazing. Spencer chains Philip by his wrists and unleashes everything he’s got with the whip across Philip’s ass. Philip is screaming and trying to jump through the ceiling to get away…I was awed. You can check out a more thorough recap on my BDSM blog: Gay Bondage Lessons, or visit BoundGods and buy the single shoot for super cheap! I highly reccomend just for the whipping alone!

savage, intense flogging punishment

No mercy given by Spencer Reed — Check out even more savage punishment handed out by this cruel taskmaster!

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