Real Spanking For Brad the Skid

Dave from Straight Lads Spanked is once again pissed at all of the guys flaking out on him. His frustration boils over when Brad fails to show up for a shoot and then turns up late the next day for his make up appointment. Dave is waiting for him and films the entire interaction. Brad’s excuse is super lame — he slept in until 1:30 the previous afternoon, and Dave does not know how that could possibly happen to a person. But he’s angry, he’s wasted time and money, and he gives Brad an ultimatum — he’s going to get the hardest spanking of his life and there’s no possible discussin on the matter. Brad gets over Dave’s knee and the spankings begin. Dave has already had to administer a real spanking to tardy Brad, so for this spanking, to make it worthwhile to viewers, Dave is using some of his wicked tools. He’s got a butt blisterer, a wooden paddle that really stings and a leather strap. He really goes to work on Brad’s ass, giving him hard swats with the paddle and strap before he gets his jeans off. Brad is panting and wheezing trying to manage the pain, but Dave is relentless. By the time Dave is finished, Brad’s butt is on fire, but he’s truly sorry for all of the trouble he’s caused.

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