British Lad Caned Front and Back

Boynapped has a delicious corporal punishment scene featuring Brit twink Olly Taylor this week. After disappointing his Daddy, he’s chained tot he cellar wall and taught a lesson with the cane. He wails like a baby at the lightest flick of the cane, so god knows how loud its going to get when Sebastian Kane gets up to full strength. After warning Olly with some over the clothing cane strikes, Sebastian simply cuts off the lad’s clothes to expose his naked flesh and proceeds to give him the full punishment, caning him front and back, leaving him striped across the back, chest, abdomen, groin and buttocks. Painful, grueling and nightmarish, Olly slumps against the wall when Sebastian finally relents. Click here to watch the complete corporal punishment video at!


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Bad attitude chav twink gets bare hand spanking

I am really pleased to share another new clip from with you, featuring yet another cutie pie twink first timer, Joel. Joel is brimming with bad attitude and “angst” and it’s incumbent on his new Big Brother to instill some discipline and humility. Joel agrees to participate because he’s horny and he’s craving hard dick, and as soon as he’s naked, he’s tossed on the bed and the spanking begins. There’s no hesitation to these strikes…Joel has earned the punishment, and every bare handed slap shows a deeper shade of red and darker welts forming on his cherry twink ass. He takes his punishment bravely, even biting down on the blanket to get through the pain, and when its over, and he’s rewarded with his Big Brother’s hard cock, there’s a look in his eye that says that he’s been humbled and he craves that now too. Click here to check out the full video of Joel’s gay spanking submission and punishment.

twink chav is all bad attitude when he gets a bare ass spanking

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OTK Police Spanking

Here’s a great clip from British Boys Fetish Club featuring a fit young jock getting pulled over the knee of an over-zealous police officer. Clearly the cop feels like old-fashioned interrogation techniques work best, and he works that boy’s bubble butt over with a leather belt until it’s hot and red and throbbing with pain. The young lad writhes in pain but can’t get away — I can’t believe I keep finding these gems on BBFC — It’s an amazing site for amateur male spanking and corporal punishment videos. Click here to watch their full spanking videos archive!



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Punk Pussy has no tolerance for Pain

Turn down the volume on your computer speakers for this one…it features Eco, a sorry excuse for a slave boy getting a hard OTK spanking from heavy-handed Scott. Scott is known for delivering painful punishments, but Eco’s histrionics are over-the-top. He screams like a sniveling bitch for the duration of his spanking, prompting the question, if you were spanking Eco over your knee, would you cut him loose to just shut him up, or would you spank him harder to punish him for his embarrassing lack of self control? Scott opts for the latter, spanking him with a bare hand and then an impression paddle. Eco is an utter wreck by the end of his punishment, and still, you to seem him keep suffering. Click here to watch Eco’s utter shaming and hard corporal punishment video.

extreme pain spanking twink

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Job Slacker meets Ass Smacker

Terminal slacker Kody Knight is not taking his new job seriously. Instead of mopping up in the warehouse, he’s busy on the phone, texting and playing games. His friend Max, who pulled strings to get him the job confronts him about his shitty attitude. When Kody still doesn’t care about cleaning up, Max loses his patience and decides his friend needs to learn a painful lesson about letting down your friends. Underneath Kody’s pants he’s wearing a jockstrap that’s showcasing his firm bubble butt and it’s looking like a ripe peach, tempting Max. He really smacks Kody hard, sending his flesh rippling. Max isn’t really a twink anymore — he’s really blossomed into a statuesque athletic type, like a figure you would see in Greek sculpture. His strong arm cocks back and whips down like a lash against Kody’s ass, and his joking casual attitude disappears as the pain gets more intense. Soon Max has turned his ass into a bright shade of red and is demanding further supplication: Kody must sink to his knees and fellate his boss, but after the spanking, he’s willing to do anything to please his demanding taskmaster. Click here to watch the full length young male spanking video from


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