Kinky twink brought to tears during savage spanking

I hope you have some serious time to invest this weekend in the latest update from…the latest lad on the site is Darrel, a 20 year old bisexual lad from Budapest with a kinky side who says he is a real fan of spanking. But he is not a match for the sinister manipulator “A” who lures him back to his flat and gets him comfortable. Darrel thinks they are going to fool around, get a little kinky and then have some hot sex, but the pervy master has different ideas. Instead of some playful spanking, he is terrifyingly aggressive, spanking Darrel’s ass with his bare hand and the poor twink is gritting his teeth and trying to bury his face in a blanket. Tears are forming in his eyes and he’s pleading for mercy. But that’s not in the cards for him. “A” continues to punish Darrel’s ass with a leather paddle until it’s bruised and covered in welts and weals, and that only serves to bring his arousal to its peak: After Darrel has survived the cruel spanking, “A” plunges his thick cock into the twink’s ass and continues pounding his tender ass. This update goes live this weekend, so treat yourself to a membership ($25 cheap) and wear it out. Click here to get the most intense twink spanking video from yet!

kinky twink brought to tears during savage spanking

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Sassy Twinks Spanked in Detention

Dallas Trenton and Kurt Summers are a pair of 18 year old seniors who have been harassing freshmen all semester, laughing off the limp-wristed consequences that their teachers can throw at them. The situation finally escalates and Vice Principal of Student Discipline Jeff Sterne is called in to settle things once and for all. His brand of justice is more heavy handed discipline, and these two miscreants land in his detention room after school. The twink teens are stripped to their underwear and spanked silly, first with Jeff’s bare hand and then with a traditional wooden paddle. Jeff heaps humiliation on the blushing pair, teaching a lesson in proper teen behaviour they won’t soon forget. Click here to watch the full double twink spanking video at!


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Bound twink gets his ass whipped with a belt

I have found another video of sexy Czech twink Ton in which he gets sexy with his playmate and lo and behold, it appears that Ton actually spanks another human being with a measure of confidence and competence! I have complained on this blog before that when the task of spanking is left up to Ton, he appears half-hearted and limp wristed, like delivering a spanking to a young twink’s ass was a soul-crushing task. But he appears to have finally discovered joy in the task and in this video is whipping his twink boyfriend with gusto and aplomb! Using a leather belt, Ton spanks his rope-bound companion across the buttocks and thighs, turning them into glowing red orbs before our very eyes. Click here to watch the complete video of Ton’s great leap forward in full HD.

rope bound twink gets his ass whipped with a belt

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Trapped Lad gets a Severe Strapping

Ross Drake is still the captive plaything of Adrian over at BreederFuckers — He’s going to be turned out on the street to earn money for Adrian, but he’s still resisting, so Adrian is determined to break him and make him pliant. After Ross refuses to perform oral sex on him, the bald sadist treats the trapped British lad to a crackling lashing with a leather flogger. The camera has a great view of Ross’s ass as his thighs are belted to a bondage bench and his cheeks are spread slightly. He’s helpless and he absorbs an incredible amount of punishment. Adrian asks him again if he’s ready to swallow cock and still Ross is full of defiance. Adrian switches to a heavy leather strap and batters Ross’s buttocks until they feel like they’re on fire. Adrian gleefully keeps spanking his prodigal rentboy after he’s relented and sucked on Adrian’s stiff rod. This video from BreederFuckers is very heavy on the CP — well worth watching in it’s entirety! Click here to see the full extreme gay corporal punishment video at!


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Straight Lads haze freshman pledges

Check out the latest class of pledges and the lengths they’ll go to be accepted into the family. In this set the brothers dress the pledges in red pajamas and make them bare their asses for painful punishment. The brothers use their paddles to smack the hell out of these raw recruits, humiliating them into submission through agonizing corporal punishment. See these raw frat boys get punished and much more at!

frat boys in hardcore paddling videos

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