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Cruel, sadistic male-male spanking punishment

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment, extreme on January 26th, 2014 by admin

So I know I’ve been getting a little soft on the blog the last couple of posts with the glam, pretty boy twink spanking, but I’ve been hungering for some real pain and punishment video. So here’s another fucking hot, real and pain-filled clip from British Boys Fetish Club to satisfy the sadistic urges. This hot spanking compilation video hits on everything I love: OTK bare hand spanking, hairbrush spanking, leather belt whipping and even birching! This trim, athletic lad clenches his teeth and tries not to cry from the pain, but each lash of his firm round buttocks brings him closer to tears. His ordeal is finally over and he checks out his red and swollen ass. Click here and see the full carnage of this fresh lad’s harrowing gay spanking ordeal.

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Pretty twink gets spanked by kinky boyfriend

Posted in corporal punishment, twinks on January 24th, 2014 by admin

So thanks everyone for being patient with me while I dragged my butt getting back to work in 2012…I just cannot seem to drag myself away from anything festive still lingering around. But I poured the last of the New Year’s champagne into a mimosa this morning, and there’s nothing left to do but take down the tree and wrap up the tinsel for another year. But before the winter melancholy sets in, I found this spanking clip to share with you: foxy twink lad Kyler Moss blindfolded and handcuffed, preening on the bed while his emo boyfriend Roxy tests his pain threshold spanking his ass with a riding crop and then a heavy-duty leather strap. Kyler switches from mincing naughty boy to moaning and penitent in a hurry, trying to squirm away from the smart, stinging lashes of the leather paddle across his lovely pale white bubble butt. Click here to watch the full length video of Kyler getting spanked and punished and more inside.

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pretty twink gets spanked by kinky boyfriend

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Muscle-bound John cries about Caning Punishment

Posted in caning, corporal punishment on January 22nd, 2014 by admin

john-small John is one of the manliest men I’ve featured on Gay Spanking Clips in a while — certainly a departure from the wispy twinks showcased as of late, but he serves as an excellent example of no matter how big your muscles are and how tough and scary you look, you can still be reduced to a whimpering little puppy by a thin, smartly flicked cane. Straight body builder John agreed to appear in a spanking video for some extra cash, figuring it would be easy money, but when the cane starts lashing his bare buttocks, he’s begging for relief, asking the master if he can go easier or use something lighter. Scott, the director of the video and uses a crop, but John still nearly jumps out of his skin when the thin leather crop strikes his ass and the soles of his feet. This was one of the funnest videos I’ve seen in a while! Click here to see the full video of crybaby John trying to squirm away from his corporal caning!

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musclebound john cries about corporal punishment

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Young jock Billy gets a lesson in spanking discipline

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment on January 20th, 2014 by admin

Some of you may have seen this model before, but Billy is good enough that you can watch his spanking video over and over again. Billy is a young jock, a soccer player who was seduced and exploited into filming a gay spanking video on He has a young, muscular physique, and he’s into girls, but we find out he’s really submissive to older men and mystery man “A” gets the young man into bed with him with a wink and a smile. Billy gets naked for the camera and “A” starts spanking him with a bare hand across those cartoonishly round buttocks, and Billy isn’t ready to deal with this much pain. He buries his face in the blankets and balls his fists, but he’s nearing his breaking point. Too much shame and and too much pain finally subside and he thinks he’s finished, but his older friend has momentarily whipped out his cock and jacked a thick load of cum all over his burning asscheeks. Click here to watch every detail of this awesome straight lad spanking video.

Young jock Billy gets a lesson in spanking discipline

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Skinny White Trash Boy gets his ass thrashed

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment on January 18th, 2014 by admin

Another straight boy looking for easy money, and another straight boy getting way more than he bargained for. Greg is the latest goof-ball straight boy thinking he’ll get a quick fistful of cash from Rich from, but his comfort level is quickly turned on its head when Rich gets him naked from the waist down and then starts smacking his pale white flesh with a leather belt! Bare hand spanking, OTK-spanking and bely whipping are just in the first ten minutes of Greg’s supposed free ride to cash. Rich has seen this type of boy hundreds of times. They come in looking like they’re bigshots and tough guys, they leave shamefaced, with tears in their eyes. Click here to watch Greg’s growing humiliation and painful corporal punishment.

Skinny White Trash Boy gets his ass thrashed

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Slaves flogged and abused at

Posted in caning, extreme, whipping on January 8th, 2014 by admin

Here’s a new great shoot from BoundGods featuring lots of outstanding flogging and caning. This was featured as a live shoot, and so I thought I would treat myself to the live show; the premise was simple: which sub was stronger? Jason Miller and muscleman Chad Rock were put through this kinky endurance test by Van Darkholme and Christian Wilde, and the doms relied heavily on roughing up their slaves with heavy leather floggers, and Christian uses a cane to keep Chad’s ass red hot while he fucks him. The punishment reaches its apex when Van gets a flogger in each hand and delivers a hellacious lashing to his slaves — Love Van or hate him, but when he’s got a whip in his hand, you have to respect him! Enter here to see Chad and Jason’s excruciating punishment video

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