Ridiculously hot twink ass spanking

Who here prefers their spanking videos on the naughty, sexy side, or on the shame and punishment side. 99% of the time I fall for the latter, but there are some dudes that irresistibly draw me to the former. I featured Kyler Moss about two weeks ago in a self spanking video that really took me by surprise. This kind of pretty boy is never who you see in spanking videos. Yet there he was, swinging that whip and paddle against his own bare flesh without hesitation and genuinely getting off on it. It was incredibly sexy and hot, and not at all what I usually go for. So I dug some more and found more clips of bright twink star Kyler getting his gorgeous bottom spanked with a leather paddle. It seems his BF can’t resist that perfectly round bubble butt, and really cracks that leather hard against his flesh. No discipline, no shame, just two twinks getting off on playing out their gay spanking fantasy in the bedroom. Click here to see longer videos of Kyler Moss shackled and restrained and loving his corporal punishment.

ridiculously hot twink ass spanking

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Aggressive Jock ignores Blowjob; Just Wants to Spank BF

This is another terrific clip from British Boys Fetish Club featuring an intense young gay couple with electric sexual chemistry. The older, more athletic lad is worshiped by his smaller, twinkier boyfriend who is constantly called on to satisfy the dominant lad’s sex drive. On this day, the younger lad is dutifully and skillfully sucking his boyfriend’s thick cock, swallowing his length until the head of the cock is hitting the back of his throat. Despite the great head he’s getting, the older lad is growing restless with his passive role. He hauls the younger boy on his lap and starts smacking his ass, first over his jeans and then on his bare ass. Using his strong hand, the spanks echo through the room and the older top growls aggressive dirty talk to his helpless teenage boyfriend. With his ass growing redder by the second, the younger lad is getting more turned on and pushing his buttocks higher for better contact. This is just a small taste — click here to go to BritishBoys Fetish Club to see the full hard OTK spanking and explosive sexual climax.


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Sadistic public spanking — Straight Hell update!

Nicholas has wandered into frightening territory — he has been cornered in a remote section of a public park inhabited by perverts, specifically Dave and Reuben, cruel dom tops who love to fuck up straight dudes in terrifying ways. Nicholas is quickly overpowered and stripped naked and his ass becomes a plaything for his masters: they whip his bubble butt mercilessly with a riding crop before inserting a horse-tail buttplug in his ass and treating him like a ponyboy! Pain and humiliation are overwhelming Nich before he sinks to a new low, Dave beats his ass while Reuben forces his cock down Nich’s throat and starts fucking his face! Amazingly brutal punishment! Enter here to see the sadistic full video in HD.

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Proper British Boarding School Birching

Michael has a very contentious relationship with his father, the headmaster at his prep school. As you would expect, Headmaster Thomas expects a high standard of behaviour from all of his students, but holds his own son even above that. During the second semester, Michael was involved in an embarrassing prank with a group of his classmates; all were disciplined with the cane and it proved to be a sufficient correction for their rowdiness. Now that the school year is over, Michael is the last student at the campus while he waits for his father to complete his administrative duties. His father takes him aside and tells him his punishment for the prank is not finished. Now that his studies are over, he must take his punishment like a man, and he must endure the lash of the birch, as the Headmaster himself endured when he was a youth. Michael has no choice but to lower his trousers and bend over and wait for the pain. His father remains calm and gives him ten lashes with the bundle of birch twigs, and Michael’s buttocks are quickly looking raw and inflamed. The entire scene is heavenly for British corporal punishment enthusiasts — Click here to see the full Birching scene by navigating to the M|M section.


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British lad Thierry gets a painful bare bum spanking

I know this blog never gets updated anymore…sadly, a real job intervened in my life and now I have no time for the fun stuff. I want to thank everyone for their continued support though. It makes me feel very happy to see lots of people still come to Gay Spanking Clips to enjoy the videos and pictures I’ve posted here. A big thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Anyway, here’s a new video from spanking-boys.com featuring British delinquent Thierry. Tall, smooth and slender, Thierry has a really wicked fantasy life that involves getting spanked and abused by older men. Nothing we could appreciate or identify with then? Our spanking hero, mystery man “A” delivers a searing punishment…bare hand spanking on Thierry’s tender buttocks until his flesh is bright pink and throbbing. Sure Thierry leaves with his fantasies fulfilled, because he also happily sucks his master’s long cock and puts on a sexy jerk-off show for the camera. Click here to watch the full video of Thierry’s hot gay spanking online.

British lad Thierry gets a painful bare bum spanking
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