Jonathan gets a hard ass spanking

I’m a little embarrassed to admit how long it took me to get around to watching the videos from Reluctant Young Men, and I am now deeply regretting every day I lost without this exceptional spanking content in my life. This video is very spicy, featuring straight Jonathan, an aspiring porn producer, who apparently turned in some shitty quality material to his boss. After spending a day trying to salvage the mess, video editor Scott breaks down in frustration and rage and gets revenge on Jonathan for making his life so complicated. Scott bends Jonathan over his knee and starts spanking his bare ass with his open hand, and then moves on to a short paddle that really makes Jonathan scream. In fact, Jonathan is screaming, crying, begging and wailing throughout the entire video! Certainly refreshing to see some emotion! Scott even whips Jonathan’s ass with a thin riding crop, and the wailing bitch nearly jumps out of his skin. By the end, Jonathan’s ass is red, bruised and covered in very angry looking welts. But one can’t assume this painful experience will keep him from fucking up in the future. Click here to see the complete video of Jonathan’s agonizing corporal punishment ordeal.

Jonathan gets a hard ass spanking after he fucks up at work

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First time amateur twink spanking

This is a clip that I really liked, or rather, I really liked the boy in the clip. It’s Corvin, he’s from Hungary and he look like a young god. I love his lean muscular body and that hard cock. He clearly loves being in a fetish video, and he gets a really hot bare handed spanking. His sugar daddy cups his ass cheeks with his hand after each spank of the flesh, feeling the warmth generated by the pain. Corvin tries not to cry out and show weakness, but the harder his master spanks him, the blond twink can’t hold it in. I really thought it was a treat to see this athletic twink getting such a hot OTK, bare hand spanking, and the spanking master is careful to get really good closeups of Corvin’s spread ass cheeks and hot hole. Corvin has a really tight ass, and in the full length video, he takes a fat cock as a reward for the spanking punishment. Click here to see Corvin’s full length bare hand corporal punishment video and hot fucking ending.

blond twink gets his delicious ass spanked bright red

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Hard gay bondage corporal punishment

Brenn Wyson is back to share some of his heavy corporal punishment magic with us, his worshiping peons. He’s reprising his role as the school janitor with a hard-on for young male athletes in kinky situations. In this episode, he’s got beautiful young blonde Cole in his clutches, and after luring/muscling him into his cellar lair, Brenn is determined to ensure his latest crush is properly trained and respectfully compliant. After the lad bucks his training, Brenn resorts to extreme corporal punishment with his favourite leather flogger. He absolutely lashes the living shit out of Cole’s back ass and thighs before turning him around and whipping him across the chest. Cole twists and screams against his rope restraints, unable to get free. He’s trapped in a hell of pure torture and pain. The rest of us just have to wish we were there. Click here to watch the full extent of Brenn Wyson’s sadistic punishment bender and Cole’s excruciating suffering.

hard gay bondage corporal punishment

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British Boy feels burning pain of domestic discipline

Here’s a great video of classic domestic discipline, featuring a frustrated and disappointed dad finding his teenage lying around his pigpen of a room. Endless lecturing on responsibility and obligation to the family has fallen of deaf ears, so the Dad does what he has not done in many years, specifically he takes the boy over his knees and delivers a sound spanking. The boy twists and squirms, trying to get away, but his father’s resolve is hardened, and he first spanks the boy over his underwear, then he orders him to peel off his underwear and bend over his knee to get a second round of punishment. The father spanks his boy OTK on his bare ass until his buttocks are a glowing shade of crimson. The father leaves with a final verbal admonishment to the boy to perform his chores before stalking off. The shocked lad, still naked and shivering buries his face in the pillow in shame and anger. I would love to be a fly on the wall at the next family dinner. Click here to watch the complete father-son domestic discipline spanking video.

British Boy feels burning pain of domestic discipline

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High Tension British Corporal Punishment

Here’s an awesome, raw compilation of savage spanking videos featuring yummy smooth British lads getting their bubble butts punished to the extreme by their sadistic daddies. There are great scenes featuring hairbrush spanking and hot, harsh caning discipline. Nude young dudes awash in shame being fondled, caressed and brutally spanked by their (much) older admirers. It’s British discipline at its finest. Enter here to see the full videos from British Boys Fetish Club and browse the fetish DVD collection!

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