Perfect Round Ass

One of the big turn ons for me watching twinks getting spanked is the perfection in the asses. This twink is the epitome of the gorgeous posterior. I love the way the back curves perfectly to meet the ass, or the way this boy flexes his ass muscles in anticipation of each lash of the belt. These boys have such smooth skin and sculpted, shapely buttocks. It’s unbearable sometimes to watch but not be able to touch. Not to be able to strike the flesh with a belt and watch the meat and the fat of the buttocks recoil, and then bounce back perfectly. Or to feel the sensation of cupping that hot cheek in my hand after delivering the stinging lash. Maybe you agree with me. Maybe you want to do the same thing to this young lad. Click here to see the entire punishment and spanking video and lose yourself in your own punishment fantasy.

sexy twink gets his ass whipped red and raw

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Bare-assed rentboy gets a hot spanking and paddling

It’s always a treat getting to see the fresh young talent on display at…lately they have been coming up with some pretty elaborate plot scenarios and shooting locations to bolster the young talent, although in this one I think we benefit from a little imagination. According to the official story, Wade does a bad job of cleaning Jeff’s room and gets spanked for it. Ho-hum. But, if you take a look at their lolcation, they appear to be in a highrise apartment in New York or L.A. When I first watched the trailer, I thought Jeff was the pimp smacking his rentboy around for not bringing in enough money. Now that gets my interest, and when Jeff is chiding Wade for ripping him off and taking his money, it’s much more arousing to imagine that as pimp talk rather than Wade stealing change from Jeff’s sofa cushions. So, I say, let’s see more of Jeff’s pimp hand! Let’s take up a collection to buy him a pimp hat to wear to future shoots. I think this could be a real gamechanger! Click here to finish watching this exciting twink spanking video!

bare-assed rentboy gets a hot spanking and paddling

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Fine Young Man gets Slippered

So I am going to give you an extra helping of twink spanking punishment for the holiday, just because you deserve it! It’s been a while sine I posted a video clip featuring Bad Boy Ton getting spanked, but here he is on his knees with his round bubble butt in the air getting an old fashioned slippering! Yes Ton is getting spanked with his own sandal and he’s whimpering like a baby. Personally, I think his little kitten mewls of pain get to be a little much, but is definitely heaven to see his gorgeous ass front and center in the middle of the screen getting spanked. You can see his ass growing redder and redder, and he fondles his package during his entire punishment. It’s a great holiday gift from Ton, and I will certainly appreciate it all weekend. Click here to download the full slippering punishment video for yourself.

twink gets his fine ass spanked with shoe

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More painful father-son spanking

Another painful test for Matthew…he attends an exclusive prep school where his father is the headmaster. The school is renowned for its discipline, and any misbehavior is punished with the cane. Matthew gets no special treatment because of his relationship with the headmaster. In fact, when he steps in it, he gets the caning at school, and then an agonizing spanking at home! Click here to watch the entire video detailing Matthew’s caning and barehanded OTK spanking courtesy of his hard-ass disciplinarian father!

headmasters son gets extra painful punishment

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