Yummy twink model gets his cute ass punished

Jacobey London is a new discovery of mine and I love this hot spanking video he made with Jeff Stern. He looks hot in his designer jeans and he takes a few hot lashes from Stern across that round, perky ass. Stern pulls down his jeans to show off that hot bubble butt and fingers his hot hole before administering more sharp spanking blows with his bare hand. Jacobey twists and thrashes around and tries to escape his painful punishment but Stern holds him firmly and lashes his ass until it’s candy red and throbbing with pain. Click here to see Jacobey’s first hot spanking video in full HD!

yummy twink model gets his cute ass punished

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Unbearable BDSM Whipping

I’m not sure how many of you reading this blog are into really extreme shit, maybe this clip will be some kind of litmus test. This clip was sent to me by an extreme BDSM porn site…BrutalTops.com…maybe a lot of you have already seen it and are into their shit. Anyway, this clip features really brutal and graphic slave training, and lots and lots of intense whipping punishment. It really set my teeth on edge…what about you? Too much for you? Or is this even pushing into “extreme” for you? Discuss in the comments, and if this is really your thing, enter here to see the full length, nothing-held-back slave training video at BrutalTops.com.

unbearable gay BDSM whipping

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Painful Outdoor Birching Clip — Twink cries in pain!

Here’s a great clip from TonOnline featuring more footage of bad boy model Ton getting nasty exploring his Dominant side and releasing his pent up aggression. He binds his playmate to a tree using plastic wrap and uses a branch to whip his bare ass. Its been a long time since I’ve seen a white boy’s ass looking that red and sore…Ton relishes causing his buddy so much pain and anguish. Enjoy the clip and see the full video of Ton tormenting his new slave exclusively at TonOnline.com!

agonized twink gets his ass whipped

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Young fresh twink gets his ass paddled

Here’s an impossibly fresh faced twink with a real taste for the nasty. He trolls sex shops in Prague every afternoon, hoping to be stopped by the cashier, or another customer, and hopes they try to throw him out. That’s when he begs for their mercy, and offers his ass for punishment. Today he found a horny store clerk into pain and punishment, who does not hold back when it comes to delivering pain. He uses a paddle to smack the bitch boy around, turning his ass hot and red, and then he gropes his ass, fingers the lad’s hole and pulls out his cock for the twink to service. Like a good twink slut, the lad dutifully licks the shaft and swallows the entire cock down to the balls as a thankyou for the sweet, stinging punishment. Enter here to see the full sexy male-male punishment video

young fresh twink gets his ass paddled and sucks cock

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Dirk Caber flogs his star pupil

It’s great to have another great flogging video featuring buff daddy Dirk Caber swinging the whip. Just the site of his muscular body and throbbing cock juxtaposed against his helpless young athletic pupil really arouses me. Dirk and his star quarterback protege Blake Goodwin are alone in the school lockerroom and the horny daddy can’t control his urges. He ropes the young man, blindfolds him and even locks his cock in a chastity cuff while lashing his taut, athletic body with a leather flogger. Dirk taunts and growls in Blake’s ear with his sexy voice, striking fear in the helpless young man. Dirk flogs Blake’s ass mercilessly, and works his back and abdomen as well. Soon, Blake’s flawless flesh is soon covered with welts and new bruises, and Dirk seeks more opportunities to satisfy his kinky appetites. Click here to see the complete locker room corporal punishment video featuring super daddy Dirk Caber.

dirk caber flogs his star pupil

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