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Tyler Saint whips massive bodybuilder sub Vince Ferelli

Posted in corporal punishment, extreme, whipping on February 11th, 2015 by admin

Bound Gods brought back one their most popular subs back for a military-themed punishment video, one of the most highly rated episodes in the site’s history. Tyler Saint is set on breaking Vince Ferelli, forcing a confession out of the musclebound power bottom. Vince is playing the role of enlisted man rumoured of harbouring queer intentions, and Tyler is set on getting him to admit it. Stripping him naked, and stinging him with a riding crop, Tyler fails to get an answer, so he dials up the intensity, roping Vince’s wrists to an iron door and whipping his back with a leather flogger, inflicting a massive amount of pain on Vince’s back and ass. Vince is ferocious and enraged by the pain, beating himself against the door in his struggle to get free. Enter here to watch the full video and see how much pain and punishment humiliation this stud can take.

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Here are some comments from BoundGods members on this video:

One of the best. Loved the military theme. Please give us more of that. Seeing the beautiful Vince in torment was SO hot. I will watch this again and again.

The sky is red!! Love it. Very hot. The flogging and the fucking were both awesome. Two beautiful muscled bodies. Great shoot thank you!

What an ass! Love Vince’s butt and his big strong thighs. Always up for more CBT

Absolute BEST so far!!! Personally I like my subs to be mighty muscle heroes captured and tormented despite their superior strength. I have no interest in a smaller shorter sub. It doesn’t get any better than a helpless bound Vince Ferrelli bent naked over a table with that mighty ass exposed for torture, pleading his captor to stop only to get a good fucking for his efforts. Watching the hard muscles in his magnificent ass jump in response to electro torture was heaven More like this please

Enter here to see muscular god Vince Ferelli whipped and punished

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Angel faced lad receives a horrible paddling punishment

Posted in corporal punishment, extreme, GIFs, twinks on February 11th, 2015 by admin

Angel faced Ben has been waiting months to audition for Tropixxx when he finally got the call…if he wanted his shot, he would have to let the whole stable of Tropixxx models line up and give him their best licks with a paddle. Ben had been aching for a chance to try out for his favourite boy spanking site and without hesitation he said yes. True to their word, Tropixxx had half a dozen other models show up, strip away Ben’s clothes and then proceeded to paddle his backside so hard it quickly became a bruised, mottled and swollen mess. Ben gamely counted the spanks and asked for more while his ass went from pink to red to purple, much to the delight of his tormentors and to the horror of the next lad in line to audition. Even if you don’t like the really hard stuff, click here to watch this baby-faced lad receiving a hell of a paddling.




Enter here to see more amazing male spanking clips at


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Sporty lad gets a harsh OTK spanking

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment on February 4th, 2015 by admin

I know lots of my readers love the young men from Britain in spanking videos with older, sterner disciplinarians, and I hope you will be as pleased as I am with this video featuring sporty lad Marco, a fit brute of about 23 years and a demon on the pitch. He has run afoul of his club coach however and he has been sent to the team president, and older gentleman with a real hunger for punishing young men. He bids Marco to lay across his lap like a small child and the the old man delivers a terse bare hand spanking. At first, Marco is unfazed, as they all are, but the older man slides off his shorts and spanks his bare flesh, and soon the slaps are smarting and Marco is wincing with pain. The wincing gives way to moans and groans, and Marco is trying to use his hand to cover his ass for protection. The older disciplinarian is relentless and soon moves to more serious intimidation tactics. Marco is asked to lay face down on a bench with his ass in the air and prepares for the worst. His punisher starts whacking his bruised and cherry red flesh with a paddle, eliciting more hysterical wailing from Marco. Click here to keep watching the classically themed British schoolboy spanking video.

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sporty lad gets a harsh OTK spanking

Enter here to see more fit British lads getting humiliated by painful spankings from older men.

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Bashful Broke Lad gets Hairbrush Spanking

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment, GIFs on February 4th, 2015 by admin

Romeo is another new face at — 27 years old, broke and nervous about getting spanked for the first time. Head disciplinarian Richard sizes him up, asks him if he’s scared and Romeo lies and says he’s not — he just wants to make some easy money. Rich orders him to take off his pants and underwear and then takes Romeo over his knee for a light bare hand spanking. At first Romeo is true to his word, taking the light spanking very stoically, but Richard starts increasing the force of his spanks and Romeo starts wincing and whimpering. Soon Romeo is twisting and crying, and Richard pulls out a wooden hairbrush and starts slapping Romeo’s glowing buttcheeks and the broke boy hops, yelps and cries through the pain. Although it seems like Richard is barely tapping Romeo’s ass with the hairbrush, he’s jumping like he’s being electrified. Another straight boy broken by Richard at Click here to watch the whole hairbrush spanking video.


Enter here to watch more Straight Boys getting spanked without mercy for cash at


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Spencer Reed demonstrates heavy corporal

Posted in caning, corporal punishment, extreme, whipping on February 3rd, 2015 by admin

Here’s a wicked punishment video from Bound Gods, featuring extremely god-like Spencer Reed with his arrogant swagger and stiff cock ready to teach scruffy sub Zack Alexander a tough lesson in bondage discipline. There are two kinds of bondage, Spencer brags: bondage with corporal punishment and bondage without. Spencer famously prefers the former. He gives Zach hellacious whip lashes across his ass and back, and stings his backside with a bamboo cane while he stuffs his asshole with cruel objects. Spencer takes the cane to the soles of Zach’s feet, making him do a painful dance, as he strokes his fat cock and gets ready to shove his fat cock in Zach’s mouth. Spencer Reed proves his status as top dog at BoundGods with another fantastic corporal punishment video. See the full video of Spencer punishing and fucking Zach in super-real hi-def.

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Enter here to see the full length bdsm punishment test in Hi Def.

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Bad attitude chav twink gets bare hand spanking

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment, twinks on February 3rd, 2015 by admin

I am really pleased to share another new clip from with you, featuring yet another cutie pie twink first timer, Joel. Joel is brimming with bad attitude and “angst” and it’s incumbent on his new Big Brother to instill some discipline and humility. Joel agrees to participate because he’s horny and he’s craving hard dick, and as soon as he’s naked, he’s tossed on the bed and the spanking begins. There’s no hesitation to these strikes…Joel has earned the punishment, and every bare handed slap shows a deeper shade of red and darker welts forming on his cherry twink ass. He takes his punishment bravely, even biting down on the blanket to get through the pain, and when its over, and he’s rewarded with his Big Brother’s hard cock, there’s a look in his eye that says that he’s been humbled and he craves that now too. Click here to check out the full video of Joel’s gay spanking submission and punishment.

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twink chav is all bad attitude when he gets a bare ass spanking

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