Failed burglars get brutal, painful spanking punishment

Here’s a gritty clip showing three would be thieves breaking into a house and finding a stash of kinky toys and paddles for spanking. While fooling around and spanking each other with the toys, the home owner comes in and catches them and flips his shit. He gets the punks lined against the wall, and gives them a real taste of punishment, letting them feel real pain delivered by the hand of an experienced sadist. Click here to see more hot video of young dudes with round, chiseled asses getting punished in the most painful ways possible!

three criminal punks get painful punishment with a leather strap

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Fit Swimmer gets OTK Spanking

CP4Men is one of my favourite Male spanking sites — its totally laser focused on the traditional British Spanking method. Featuring strapping young lads, mostly athletic types, clean cut but with attitude, being spanked by older father-figures who know how to administer stern discipline. They employ a variety of humiliating techniques, primarily bare-handed OTK spanking, but they also employ the cane and the wooden paddle with highly effective results. These lads get their firm, muscular buttocks spanked to a bright shade of red or even crimson. In this clip, Erik, a swimmer, gets disciplined by his team coach for attitude problems. Bent over the older man’s knee, Erik receives a relentless bare hand spanking while he grits his teeth and fights to persevere through the pain. Erik’s punishment finally concludes with a paddling across his sore, swollen buttocks. This is classic CP4Men, and I couldn’t recommend a subscription to the site more highly! Click here to watch all of the classic British spanking and discipline videos at CP4Men!


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Amateur virgin gets spanked and fucked for the first time

I have been waiting on the edge of my seat for seemingly weeks for the latest update from and it finally arrived in my inbox this morning. It appears that mystery pervert “A” is becoming something of an internet sensation among lovers of amateur lad spanking, so much so that a young man from Northern England emailed him begging to take his virginity and give him his first spanking. After exchanging some pics, it turns out that Mick really has a serious bubble butt going on, and “A” flew him to Bulgaria for a weekend of hot clubbing, drinking and spanking. Mick worships “A”‘s cock before bending over and submitting to his punishment. “A” really relishes using his bare hand to spank this pale virgin flesh, and soon Mick’s ass is throbbing and turning an incredible shade of hot pink. Finally “A” relents and turns Mick on his back to deliver the final reward for his submission to corporal punishment; “A” thrusts his hard cock into the virgin ass and drills him until he shoots an explosive wad of cum all over the lad. Click here to finish watching this incredibly hot amateur gay spanking video.

amateur virgin gets spanked and fucked for the first time

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Beasting the Gimp

I’m happy to share a video with you from a true CP training devotee who goes by the handle GIMPBOYLONDON. He emailed me this weekend with a sampling of videos he has made for the classic UK CP training site I was over the moon to watch the videos, and they are great examples of the authenticity of true Male/male corporal punishment videos that so many porn studios lack. There’s not a lot of fanfare involved, the Gimp is restrained against a simple A-Frame, naked save for a full mask and deliciously sexy leather boots. His CP administrator is dressed in military garb and he wields a long cane and he eagerly gets to work caning the Gimp’s ample backside. My total thanks to GIMPBOYLONDON for sharing these videos with me, and I will be posting more very soon. Click here to see more of these incredible caning CP videos at

beasting the gimp

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Russian Twink Belt Spanking

Normally, I find twink-on-twink spanking a little cute, a little naughty, and ultimately more of an appetizer for more “invigorated” corporal punishment. It’s rare to find a young man steady and confident with a belt, paddle or bare hand…and boy-boy spanking appears more like sexy horseplay. This video on the other hand, is an example of a twink spanking his boyfriend with confidence and maybe a little bit of sadism. After getting his BF stripped naked and kneeling over a chair, this Russian lad pulls out his belt and uses it to whip the lean blond twink’s bare ass, and soon it’s glowing and crimson. Click here to see the complete video of these Russian twink lads getting surprisingly aggressive and hot with their belt whipping corporal punishment.

Russian twink gets a taste of the belt on his cherry ass

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