Job Slacker meets Ass Smacker

Terminal slacker Kody Knight is not taking his new job seriously. Instead of mopping up in the warehouse, he’s busy on the phone, texting and playing games. His friend Max, who pulled strings to get him the job confronts him about his shitty attitude. When Kody still doesn’t care about cleaning up, Max loses his patience and decides his friend needs to learn a painful lesson about letting down your friends. Underneath Kody’s pants he’s wearing a jockstrap that’s showcasing his firm bubble butt and it’s looking like a ripe peach, tempting Max. He really smacks Kody hard, sending his flesh rippling. Max isn’t really a twink anymore — he’s really blossomed into a statuesque athletic type, like a figure you would see in Greek sculpture. His strong arm cocks back and whips down like a lash against Kody’s ass, and his joking casual attitude disappears as the pain gets more intense. Soon Max has turned his ass into a bright shade of red and is demanding further supplication: Kody must sink to his knees and fellate his boss, but after the spanking, he’s willing to do anything to please his demanding taskmaster. Click here to watch the full length young male spanking video from


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Bare Hand Spanking Punishment

Here’s a new trailer that I meant to share with you last week from SpankThis — Jeff Sterne and his misbehaving student Mikey meet to talk about attitude adjustments. In the end Jeff can’t seem to convince the lad he needs to behave in class, so Sterne has to pull down the lad’s pants and give him a sound spanking on his ass. Jeff uses his bare hand to deliver a series of hard, punishing spanks to the troubled skater boi, and even uses a heavy leather belt to get his message across. Enter here to see more of the corporal punishment correction video at Helix Studios

Jeff Sterne gives his twink pupil a hard barehand spanking

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Tattooed Guido Punished with a hard spanking

Let’s take a little break from the twink parade and take a trip down the Jersey Shore to hook up with Gino, another beefy amateur looking to score some easy cash by appearing in a spanking video. Gino is pure guido trash, covered in god-awful flash art tattoos straight from the lowest rent Atlantic City ink parlour, and he claims to be an indy wrestler. I will allow that a big part of his day involves getting hit in the head, but jumping off your dad’s garage into a pile of cardboard boxes doesn’t qualify you. Anyway, whatever he does for a living — shockingly — does not pay him enough to live on, and he’s answered an ad looking for tough guys willing to get spanked for cash. He figures it’s easy money (as they all do) and shows up like he owns the place. Scott is determined to humble this dummy, and he bends Gino over his knee for some heavy handed bare hand spanking. The smirk on Gino’s face quickly disappears and soon replaced with a grimace, moans and grunts of pain. Scott really works over his naked ass and Gino is feeling real pain, unlike the burning of the clap or getting smacked with a folding chair. The ordeal has begun for goombah meathead Gino…click here to watch the full first episode of his male/male corporal punishment.

Tattooed guido gets spanked on his bare ass

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Shy Boy gets very horny during Spanking

Meet Alfie, a 20 year old Brit who while professing to be a straight lad with a kinky streak, definitely shows a different side during this hot spanking video. This update is from my old favourite, Spanking-Boys, run by my mysterious friend, Mr. A. We all fantasize about his life — chucking his job and all of his responsibilities to chase tail all over Europe — who wouldn’t fantasize about hooking up with Alfie? He’s got an amazing bubble butt with some serious bounce. Once the mystery man starts spanking him, his ass turns a great shade of crimson and Alfie’s moaning and getting hard. He gets spanked in several different positions before getting his ass probed and finally fucked. Mr. A pounds his red, throbbing ass while Alfie jacks himself off and delivers a huge, messy cumshot. This one is definitely a must see — the trailer only hints at the greatness. Only the full video will satisfy you!. Click here to see Alfie’s entire shower scene, spanking punishment and sexual reward at Spanking-Boys.

alfred - spanknig boys



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Berlin Boys Dungeon Spanking, pt. 2

Here’s more video featuring sexy German troublemakers Kai and Ruben. The twosome have take the train to Berlin to get nasty in a flat they rented with an included BDSM dungeon. Kai suspends Ruben’s arms above his head, and then whips him with a flogger and brutally paddles his ass with a heavy leather strap. Ruben, who looks a bit like a young, goofy Peyton Manning, moans and grunts each time his fleshy ripe buttocks receive a lash from Kai. Kai, meanwhile, is so turned on by his new role as spanking top, has got his hard dick pulled out of his jeans, and he strokes his erection while using his other hand to wield the whip. These cute Berlin boys make an excellent spanking punishment video that is sure to get you hard. Click here to see their full corporal punishment experiment video.

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Berlin gay boys learn corporal punishment techniques

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