Older Ginger Spanked Hard OTK


It’s fun the feature different sorts of guys on the blog when I can, and generally the stern disciplinarians from Reluctant Young Men do a good job in showcasing lads with different body types, hair, weight, etc. Sometimes though, an older guy seems to slip past, and for some reason I get a cheap thrill out of seeing a guy close to my age (40) getting hauled over the knee and walloped hard. Sean might be trying hard to pull the wool over our eyes, but take even a fleeting glimpse — he’s Gen X and broke-ass and he’s ready to submit to a spanking from a gay man for cash. He leans over Master Richard’s lap and the older man slides down Sean’s underwear, revealing his reasonably in shape buttocks. As Richard himself tells it:

Lately I’ve been doing more hand spankings, I love the intimate contact with the skin of a young man’s firm butt, and I find I can break him just as easy.

Sean huffs and puffs, grimaces and squirms during his humiliating spanking, but Richard holds him firm and continues slapping his pale white bottom until its rosy pink and throbbing. How much fun it must be to be Richard and have an endless lineup of playmates willing to indulge your kinks! Click here to watch the full amateur male spanking video featuring mature ginger shame-ster Sean at Reluctant Young Men.





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