Muscleman Bent Over and Spanked like a Wee Baby!

If you like your spankees to be packing some meat on his bones, then Straight Lads Spanked has a real treat for you this week. Mr. X, the Scottish disciplinarian and friend of the community, is seeing Tom today. Tom is a hotshot in his office, and he apparently took a few liberties with one of the secretaries at his Christmas party. She reported it to the boss, and the boss wants Tom punished, but he doesn’t want to fire the douchebag because he is productive (and a legacy). He’s offered the choice: accept a spanking (and everyone knowing about it) or lose his job for misconduct. Tom can’t believe it. He’s 27, he’s oozing cash, he’s a stud…he’s not going to stand for it! Mr. X simply offers a choice: take the pain and the shame or risk losing everything.

Finally Tom accepts and get over the masked man’s knee. He’s still incredulous and Mr. X swats him hard while lecturing him about his hard drinking ways and disrespectful attitudes towards women. He gets Tom warmed up and then orders him to strip to his underwear. Tom is wearing a pair of sexy turquoise speedos, and his muscles are rippling as he takes off his dress shirt. Tom is a real physical specimen, and he’s got a lot of tattoos as well. Mr. X orders him to take his underwear off and again Tom is gobsmacked. He can’t believe he’s got to get naked in front of a stranger in order to save his job. Mr. X keeps spanking Tom’s wide bottom until it’s glowing red and throbbing with pain. Tom finally learns his lesson, and shamefully slinks back to the office to face his co-workers. Click here to watch the full length OTK male spanking video at Straight Lads Spanked!


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