More Frustration, More Real Punishment


It seems like the never-ending string of fuck-up lads signing up to be models for has produced another lazy, entitled and unreliable brat. Chris was at first eager to sell his body to Mr. X for a dirty spanking video, and the straight lad said he would have no problem even getting naked for cash. The date was set, but Chris stopped returning emails and text messages. Mr. X was at a loss, not knowing if his new recruit was going to show him up or ever even reply. Finally, on shooting day, Chris shows up hours late with no good reason, he just wasn’t sure if he felt like getting spanked anymore. Mr. X had heard some version of crap so often lately he made Chris the same offer he does to all of the boys who reveal themselves to be delinquent douchebags: either he can stay and submit to a real spanking, no breaks, no mercy and get paid and continue to get paid for future projects, or he can leave and never come back and never earn a penny.


Disappointment and annoyance drip from Mr. X’s voice while Chris considers his offer. Even the cat views him as an incompetent ne’er do well. Finally, he decides to take the real punishment to make the money and keep the relationship, and Mr.x pulls young Chris over his knee and immediately starts giving him full-strength blows across his buttocks. First spanking him over his jeans, then his underwear, and by the time he gets to Chris’s bare bum, its already crimson and starting to get blotchy and bruised. Mr. X keeps up the punishment, spanking Chris without mercy until he’s gritting his teeth and panting. Finally, Mr. X allows Chris to get up and walk away, filming his puffy and tender buttocks so we can all appreciate the care and attention put into Chris’s Spanking. Click here to see the full video (46 minutes) of straight lad Chris getting this intense and painful male spanking from


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