Here’s a New One: Paintbrush Spanking?!?


Just when you thought you’ve seen everything, someone sends you a paintbrush spanking video. This one comes from Straight Lads Spanked and features Chris the Handyman, once again getting into trouble on the job for his questionable ethics. This time he’s been hired as a housepainter and after he’s been left alone, his dishonest nature rears its ugly head and he goes snooping around his client’s home for cash and valuables. He gets caught red handed and the home owner is in a rage. He pulls Chris over his knee and swats his muscular, athletic bum with his bare hand, turning it a very bright shade of red in short order. After getting Chris warmed up with OTK spanking, the owner stands him up against the wall and demands Chris give him his belt. Chris is reluctant, but he has no choice. He gets a crackling lashing across his buttocks with his own belt and it’s time to face the final, miserable punishment. The homeowner is determined that Chris not forget this lesson, and he grabs Chris’s paintbrush out of the tray and uses it to paddle Chris’ bum one last time, leaving his scorched butt cheeks with a coat of white paint! This one is already a big fan favourite at, with a 9/10 members rating, and I couldn’t be more in agreement. Two Thumbs Up from me! Click here to visit Straight Lads Spanked to see this weird new spanking micro-niche!


Curious about seeing Handsome Chris Spanked with a Wet Paintbrush? Visit Straight Lads Spanked to Watch the Video!