Hardcore Prison Whipping

I hope you loyal readers haven’t been too lonely without me for the last few days. But I return bearing gifts in the form of an incredibly intense flogging scene from BoundGods.com. Dominant super stud Spencer Reed is playing the role of prison guard, punishing one on the inmates on his cellblock. Spencer, looking utterly menacing and oozing macho sex appeal has a hard on for Jessie, who has earned parole and is about to be released. Spencer senses that his crush on the inmate might go unfulfilled if he doesn’t act soon. So on Jessie’s last night in lockup, Spencer’s shadow crosses his doorway, and the unlucky inmate gets trussed up in leather belts and whipped mercilessly with a leather flogger. Jessie’s screams go unanswered, and Spencer stalks around him in a circle, punishing his back, buttocks, chest and stomach with hellish whip lashes. Enter here to see Spencer’s painful whipping punishment video for his prison loverboy.

gay prison whipping

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