Great Ass + Low Pain Tolerance

Jared is a 20-year-old straight boy. He’s lean, muscular and defined with a great ass. This is his second spanking video. This time Tom straps Jared to the spanking bench, which puts him in a very open, vulnerable position that all straight boys hate. Tom then spanks Jared for a while. Jared has a very difficult time right from the start. He wants to smile and appear as though none of this is bothering him very much, but he has a low tolerance for pain and feels the firm hand spanking him right from the start. Next Tom gives Jared 12 hard swats with a perforated wooden paddle (actually, one is with a silicone paddle). The paddling has Jared breathing hard and vocalizing his pain. He also writhes around and clenches and shakes his fists. By the end of the video, Jared’s ass is deep red with bruises forming, and he’s clearly had all he can take. Jared has refused to come back to Spanking Straight Boys since this video was filmed. He said it just hurt too much and left too many bruises. Tom pushed Jared to his limits, and he’s had enough. It’s fairly certain that the two spanking videos you see on Spanking Straight Boys will be the only ones Jared ever does. Click here to see Jared get pushed way past his pain tolerance at Spanking Straight Boys!


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