Gleeful Kevin Watches His Friend Frasier Get a Hard Spanking

This video is currently red hot at Straight Lads Spanked — it features big strapping Frasier getting spanked by Mr. X at the behest of Kevin. The backstory is a bit convoluted, but Kevin and Frasier are good friends and teammates; Frasier has been dating Kevin’s sister for a few months. It seems that the previous weekend, Kevin was out at the club and he spotted a drunken Frasier kissing a completely different girl. Kevin knows that Frasier treats his sister well and he doesn’t want to wreck their relationship, but he thinks Frasier need to pay the price and get a painful, memorable punishment. Mr. X is a bit confused by everything, but he’ll take Kevin’s money and spank the cheater is everyone’s on board. Frasier admits he was a cad and reluctantly admits to deserving punishment, but he doesn’t want Kevin gloating and scolding him all the way through it. Kevin insists that he watch Frasier take his licks and ask Mr. X for a standard spanking plus a series of swats with the gym shoe. Frasier settles in on Mr. X’s lap and takes his punishment. Mr. X swats him over his sweat pants, and then over his underwear and then over his bare bottom. Frasier looks so good as his clothes come off — you can tell he’s nervous and really feeling the pain as he gets flushed all over his body! But something else is in the cards for this pair; this is just part 1, I would bet my life that Kevin isn’t going to get through this ordeal unscathed either! Click here to watch Mr. X administer this stinging OTK spanking on Frasier’s bare bum at Straight Lads Spanked!


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