Frustrated Father Spanks his Rotten Son


Fraser continues his misbehaving ways at Straight Lads Spanked in this week’s update: It seems that he’s getting behind on his homework and school assignments, and he’s got some very important exams coming up! He’s been spending too much time chasing girls and not enough time with his study group, and now he fears his goose is cooked! Without high marks on these exams, Fraser’s college choices will shrink dramatically and will have big time implications on his career path! What’s a lad to do?

He finally plucks up his courage and confesses to his dad. He’s been skipping class, and ducking out on the extra revision classes his parents have already paid for. His Father blows a gasket! He’s furious! Does he want to see his son fail? Probably not, but first Fraser is going to have to face some serious corrective punishment. Dad pulls Fraser over his knee and his denim jeans offer little protection from his father’s heavy swats. Fraser’s face is screwed up with pain as his dad yanks down his pants and starts spanking him over his underwear. But his Dad is not satisfied and is still seething with anger, so he pulls down Fraser’s underpants and spanks his bare bum, turning it a bright pink. Fraser is in for several busy weeks of emergency tutoring, and this probably won’t be the last time he frustrates his Dad or someone else to the point of earning a spanking. Click here to watch the full Father/Son Over-the-Knee Spanking video at

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