Frat Hazing Video features Great Bubble Butt Spanking

Pledges Garret and Zach are desperate to get accepted into their fraternity, and they’ll go through and humiliating punishment to win acceptance. Upperclassman Nick gleefully takes to the task of administering the punishment (he is still burning for vengeance after his paddling last year) and he drives the two pledges out to the middle of no where. After posing for a few pictures, Nick unsheathes the sacred wooden paddle of the fraternity and he teases Zach and Garret before getting to work. They each take a few whacks to their bums over their clothes before Nick orders them to drop their pants. Garret has an amazing bubble butt that bounces every time the hard wood strikes his butt. The paddle stings and starts to form a welt and a bruise. Zach is next and his butt is almost as peachy as Garret’s. His bum takes a sharp paddling and soon it’s red and very sore looking. Nick gets a measure of misplaced satisfaction and everyone is looking forward to the next time he gets a paddle in his hand. Click here to see the full length frat hazing spanking video from Real Male Spankings!




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