Dumb and Hung, That’s how we like them spanked!


Larry has been given one job by his father: clean up the kitchen and do the supper dishes. But Larry is rather dim and thinks he can just doodle around until his Dad leaves for the evening and get out of cleaning up. He thinks he’ll just pass the time playing darts in the kitchen (why is there a dartboard in the kitchen? Clearly Mom packed her bags years ago.) But it’s a talking dartboard and soon enough Father hears the electronic chatter and comes to investigate. He finds Larry standing next to a pile of dirty dishes and he bends his son over the table for a spanking and a taste of discipline.


How many times has Dad told Larry to do the cleanup and how many times has Larry been spanked for trying to weasel out of it? Dad strips off Larry’s pants and underwear, revealing his thick, long uncut dick swinging back and forth in rhythm to his father’s swatting hand. When Larry’s cries are finally deep and pathetic, Dad relents, orders him to do a proper cleanup and to have some goddamn respect for himself!



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