Disturbed Dad Spanks his noisy Stepson


Bad Lads features another misbehaving lad getting on Daddy Claudio’s nerves. Claudio needs his rest because he’s been working graveyard shifts. He sleeps during the day, but his step-son keeps forgetting to stay quiet. So he comes home in the middle of the afternoon and slams the door, rousing Claudio from his slumber. That’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back and Claudio pulls the lad over his new for a harsh scolding and painful spanking. Watch this lad’s pluch bottom turn bright pink and puffy as Daddy Claudio’s heavy hand swats him mercilessly. Another great amateur lad spanked for the first time at Bad-Lads! Click here to watch the full Step-dad/Step-son spanking video at Bad-Lads!


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