Daddy Uses the Paddle on Practical Joker!

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The never-ending parade of fools and miscreants continues to tramp through Daddy Claudio’s life. The latest is “Warren” who has been staying in Claudio’s spare room as an AirBNB guest, but he’s made himself a little too at home. While Claudio snoozes on the sofa after a grueling night shift, Warren sneaks up on him and draws some very cute kitty-cat eyelashes on him. Laughing to himself, Warren whips out his phone to photograph his masterpiece and share it with all of his friends. He’s so pleased with himself, he even wakes Claudio to share the joke. Claudio can’t believe this little piece of shit would dare 1. disturb him, and 2. disrespect him in such a childish, dickish manner. After they exchange angry words, Claudio twists Warren’s ear and pulls the entitled brat over his knee for a savage spanking. Claudio works him with his bare hard for a while, and then switches to a stiff leather paddle. Warren’s bubble butt jiggles and bounces every time Claudio smacks his ass with the leather. Claudio is relentless, continuing his angry tirade while he takes his frustrated revenge out on Warren. Click here to watch the young Joker get the worst of Daddy Claudio’s wrathful discipline at


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