Dad saves Callum’s skin, Tans His Hide.

What a pleasant treat to get Callum back on my screen! And he’s been such a bad boy this time. After the sexting incident you would think he’s be on the straight and narrow, but not this dense young man. It seems that instead of working for some money or asking his parents, he went to a loan shark to borrow a measly £80, and now a few weeks later, they’ve showed up at his parents’ house demanding £400 or Callum get his knees broken.


Dad is shocked and scared and pays the sharks off, and then heads inside to deal with Callum. The ginger delinquent apologizes profusely and swears he’ll be smarter form now on, but Dad isn’t satisfied. Since he had to pay off the loan with interest, Callum’s going to pay him with interest as well. £100 a week, plus a spanking if he’s even a penny short or an hour late. Callum has no idea how he’s going to get the money, but his dad doesn’t care. Now is not the time for pride, and to drive that home, Callum is getting his first spanking right on the spot.


Over Dad’s knee goes the tall handsome lad and his father offers no mercy. Intense and relentless spanks with his heavy hand across Callum’s bottom; first over his trackies and then over his underwear. When Dad sees Callum’s bright pink undies he asks if Callum used the loan shark’s money to buy designer underwear, and the spanking only gets more painful from there. Click here to see Callum’s humiliating discipline at Straight Lads Spanked!


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