Connor gets his ass spanked with wooden paddle

Connor Terrance, the most precociously named twink in porn has run afoul of disciplinarian Jeff Stern and as usual, must face terribly painful consequences. I am not sure what scenario has been dreamed up for Jeff to get hot under the collar in this scene…perhaps Connor has not done his homework, or Connor has been texting too much, or Connor was truant from school…pick a cliche and enjoy the spanking. In the short clip I posted below, Jeff is warming Connor up with a wooden paddle, counting off the spanks…it certainly gets more intense when Jeff switches to bare hand corporal punishment. I think that’s Jeff’s strongest style, bare hand OTK discipline. As long as he leaves his cock in his pants. Never was there a bigger boner killer than the sight of Jeff Stern’s naked body. Don’t punish me! (at least not in that way!) Click here to see Connor getting his delicious ass paddled and bare-hand spanked in this hardcore corporal punishment video.

bitchy twink lad Connor gets his cute ass spanked with a paddle

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