Coach Andy Asserts Authority, Spanks Rogue Jock and Thief


After catching sniveling scumbag Karl rifling through his locker in the soccer clubhouse, team captain Sebastian gave him a thorough upbraiding and a righteous spanking. In this scene, just as Sebastian is finishing with Karl and talking tough, he’s interrupted by team Coach Andy. Nothing is more important to Andy than maintaining discipline, and he doesn’t take kindly to Sebastian usurping his role as team disciplinarian. So much to Karl’s amusement, big beefy Sebastian gets hauled over Andy’s knee for a hard spanking of his own. Andy doesn’t waste much time getting Seb’s shorts and undies peeled off and soon he’s turning the Captain’s ass flesh a hot shade of pink. Sebastian tries to be macho in front of snickering Karl, but soon he’s reduced to a whimpering, compliant little puddle. Andy hasn’t forgotten what started this whole mess in the first place, and he then pulls Karl over his knee to give him a hard spanking for being a disrespectful little thief. Click here to get the full video of tough tattooed Andy wreaking havoc on overmatched Sebastian and Karl in the lockerroom at Straight Lads Spanked!






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