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High Tension British Corporal Punishment

Here’s an awesome, raw compilation of savage spanking videos featuring yummy smooth British lads getting their bubble butts punished to the extreme by their sadistic daddies. There are great scenes featuring hairbrush spanking and hot, harsh caning discipline. Nude young dudes awash in shame being fondled, caressed and brutally spanked by their (much) older admirers. It’s British discipline at its finest. Enter here to see the full videos from British Boys Fetish Club and browse the fetish DVD collection!

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Handsome young man tied down and flogged

If I haven’t already posted a clip from this video, I apologize profusely. I was combing through my archive of material from BoyFetishCentral.com and I found this set of photos and a trailer that I don’t believe I have posted on the blog before today. And for that, i want to say I am sorry. Maybe you have already seen this video, in which a beautiful young man is tied face down on the bed, his skin pinched with clothespins, and then his flesh is lashed with a leather flogger. All of the clothespins are whipped off of hi by the flogger and the corporal punishment continues with the young man’s ass bearing the brunt of the punishment. The twink is long and lanky and he has a really fleshy round bubble butt that I would love to lay my hands on. Sadly, I’ll have to keep rewatching the video until that day comes. Click here to watch the full length twink corporal punishment video.

handsome young man tied down and flogged

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Perfect Round Ass

One of the big turn ons for me watching twinks getting spanked is the perfection in the asses. This twink is the epitome of the gorgeous posterior. I love the way the back curves perfectly to meet the ass, or the way this boy flexes his ass muscles in anticipation of each lash of the belt. These boys have such smooth skin and sculpted, shapely buttocks. It’s unbearable sometimes to watch but not be able to touch. Not to be able to strike the flesh with a belt and watch the meat and the fat of the buttocks recoil, and then bounce back perfectly. Or to feel the sensation of cupping that hot cheek in my hand after delivering the stinging lash. Maybe you agree with me. Maybe you want to do the same thing to this young lad. Click here to see the entire punishment and spanking video and lose yourself in your own punishment fantasy.

sexy twink gets his ass whipped red and raw

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Savage Whipping Video Clip

Here’s an intense clip featuring tattooed tough guy Brenn Wyson, a top that I love and who I have featured many times before on this blog. He’s a savage animal with a whip in his hand, and his ruthless enthusiasm is fully on display here. He’s got Parker London roped at the wrists and strung up from the ceiling. He uses every ounce of strength he has to lash that whip against Parker’s ass, thighs and stomach. It’s brutally intense, as Brenn is screaming at his anguished slave with every stroke of the flogger. As a bonus, Brenn even plants Parker’s head right into a pile of dirt (oh, the production values!) and points his ass way up in the air. It’s a big juicy target for Brenn’s leather whip and he doesn’t restrain himself in the least. Click here to watch the entire corny Halloween gay bondage and corporal punishment video.

Brenn Wyson is merciless with the flogger

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Spanking teens get each other off

Trystian and Ryan like to get nasty when they’re at home alone, and Trystian is eager to show Ryan that he’s the boss. He uses his bare hand to spank Ryan’s bare ass, and a paddle and a whip to turn his gorgeous ass bright red and blistered. Trystian is magnanimous enough suck his submissive’s cock and fuck his cherry ass. Enter here to see more kinky gay video lean young stud Trystian getting aggressive with the paddle on Ryan Connor’s cute ass!

Bratty twinks play spanking punishment games

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