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Dungeon Lad gets flogged and shamed

Posted in corporal punishment, extreme on March 20th, 2015 by admin

This video feature Artur, a former gymnast making his first corporal training video with no less than Adrian from The young European man has a trim, fit body, but no one is strong enough to withstand Adrian’s cruelty. Artur is gagged and bound at the wrists, and then his arms are raised and tied to a ceiling beam, leaving him completely vulnerable and at Adrian’s mercy. The smirking bastard cuts off Artur’s clothing with a pair of scissors and examines his nude, pale body. It’s time for the training to begin. Adrian selects a flogger and begins lashing his slave’s buttocks, thighs and back. The leather straps cut into Artur’s flesh, leaving him stinging and raw. Artur’s moans and protests for mercy are muted under the duct tape across his mouth and Adrian feels that the lad needs something more traditional. He uses a flat wooden paddle next, creating a loud, sharp clap every time the wood strike’s Artur’s red, glowing flesh. Adrian is very pleased with what he sees and readies Artur for more intense punishment training. Click here to see Artur’s first slave training video at

dungeon lad gets flogged

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20 year old Birt: anal virgin and slut for spanking

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment, extreme, GIFs, twinks on March 6th, 2015 by admin

Birt is a 20 year old Slovakian with a sexy problem: he loves getting fucked, but his boyfriend is too much of a bottom to really give him the penetration that he needs. He hooks up with the mystery man from and pleads for pain, discipline and his thick, raw cock, and the Stranger is happy to oblige. He spanks the hell out of Birt with his bare hand until his cute buttocks are bruised, swollen and a burning shade of red. After the punishment, Birt bends over and his spanking daddy rams his throbbing cock into Birt’s tight virgin hole. Click here to see Birt’s amazing spanking submission video and bonus cherry busting fuck scene!


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Russian Lad punished with a leather belt

Posted in corporal punishment, extreme, twinks on February 19th, 2015 by admin

Here’s another all time classic CP video from British Boys Fetish Club, featuring a young Russian lad stripped naked and bent over a sofa and getting a hellacious belt spanking. The lashes are unending and merciless. The lad’s tight, muscular butt becomes red and throbbing and he’s balling his fists and clenching his teeth to keep from crying out. He won’t give his punisher the satisfaction of seeing him cry. Finally his ordeal is over and he limps away, battered and bruised but not broken. Click here to see the full length naked jock spanking video.

Russian Lad punished with a leather belt

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Incredibly intense twink schoolboy caning

Posted in bare hand spanking, caning, corporal punishment, extreme, twinks on February 19th, 2015 by admin

I wanted to share this clip with you that I think might be the most intense and severe corporal punishment video that I have ever posted on this blog before. It’s from the website, normally known more for bondage and BDSM rather than straight ahead spanking and corporal punishment, but in this episode they focus on the caning punishment of Josh, a twink schoolboy at the hands of brutal bullies Bryan and Guy. Unlike other corporal punishment videos that involve schoolboy discipline for unruly behaviour, this shocking clip is devoid of the discipline element, focusing only on the punishment and humiliation of twink schoolboy Josh. Bryan and Guy whip him on the buttocks so hard that they break two canes and then they proceed to spank him bare handed, again spanking Josh so hard it looks like they are swinging their hands in a barroom brawl. I wanted to get your feedback on a video like this…Is it to extreme for your tastes? How do you feel about this level of aggression and brutality? Click here if you want to watch the full length twink caning video.

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incredibly intense twink schoolboy caning

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Merciless male-male caning punishment

Posted in caning, extreme on February 19th, 2015 by admin

The Straight Hell perverts are no doubt sadists of the highest degree. They seem to prefer to express their sadism in terms of bondage and BDSM, but sometimes their fancy turns to extreme corporal punishment. Here’s a clip showcasing their love of pain and punishment skill wielding the cane. Two chav youth are lined up and bent over with their asses in the air, and Master Adrian lashes them until their asses are red and fiery red hot. Enter here to watch the most extreme cane punishment I’ve seen all year at!

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merciless male-male caning punishment

English criminal youth whipped and caned in full HD video here!

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Tyler Saint whips massive bodybuilder sub Vince Ferelli

Posted in corporal punishment, extreme, whipping on February 11th, 2015 by admin

Bound Gods brought back one their most popular subs back for a military-themed punishment video, one of the most highly rated episodes in the site’s history. Tyler Saint is set on breaking Vince Ferelli, forcing a confession out of the musclebound power bottom. Vince is playing the role of enlisted man rumoured of harbouring queer intentions, and Tyler is set on getting him to admit it. Stripping him naked, and stinging him with a riding crop, Tyler fails to get an answer, so he dials up the intensity, roping Vince’s wrists to an iron door and whipping his back with a leather flogger, inflicting a massive amount of pain on Vince’s back and ass. Vince is ferocious and enraged by the pain, beating himself against the door in his struggle to get free. Enter here to watch the full video and see how much pain and punishment humiliation this stud can take.

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Here are some comments from BoundGods members on this video:

One of the best. Loved the military theme. Please give us more of that. Seeing the beautiful Vince in torment was SO hot. I will watch this again and again.

The sky is red!! Love it. Very hot. The flogging and the fucking were both awesome. Two beautiful muscled bodies. Great shoot thank you!

What an ass! Love Vince’s butt and his big strong thighs. Always up for more CBT

Absolute BEST so far!!! Personally I like my subs to be mighty muscle heroes captured and tormented despite their superior strength. I have no interest in a smaller shorter sub. It doesn’t get any better than a helpless bound Vince Ferrelli bent naked over a table with that mighty ass exposed for torture, pleading his captor to stop only to get a good fucking for his efforts. Watching the hard muscles in his magnificent ass jump in response to electro torture was heaven More like this please

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