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Relentless, painful bare ass spanking!

Time to get ready for the weekend! I wanted to share this video to keep your energy up and pumping…It features always intense Jeff Stearn laying some pain and punishment on delicious twink sweetheart Dustin Reeves. Stearn gets his pants off and spanks the lad over his underwear OTK, and then puls down his shorts revealing a gorgeous little puckered asshole, hairless, and clean. Stearn fingers it and spanks it, making Dustin scream and try to wriggle away. Stearn begins to wear out the lad, using paddles and strap; its an incredibly hot display to see a man work at what he does best. Click here to see the full, intense twink OTK spanking punishment.

twink gets a painful, relentless spanking

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Burly Bear gets a Vicious lashing

If you are like me, every once in a while you need a break from nothing but twinks and young muscle pups getting their smooth, baby fresh asses politely spanked. I have an itch for the extreme, for the borderline sadistic and cruel that I need to satisfy. That’s why I love turning to videos from Straight Hell. It may be staged, but fuck it, their unbridled aggression and appetite for pain satisfies my nastiest fantasies. In this video, they have roped up a burly rugby player named Sebastian, and beneath his mat of fur, he’s actually quite svelte and muscular. It’s no surprise Dave takes a fancy to him and deems him worthy of tough corporal punishment. Dave administers a cruel lashing to Sebastian’s naked, helpless ass with a leather strap while hanging a bowling ball from his scrotum. Adrian, meanwhile, sneaks in and does his best to increase the intensity with a hard dildo fucking. I love that these dudes have no fucking limits and that their subs have a bottomless capacity for punishment. Click here to watch the complete video of Sebastian suffering the cruel corporal punishment of

burly bear gets a vicious lashing

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Foot Spanking Action

I thought my readers would enjoy a little twist — how about some foot spanking? This scene features a sexy Euro twink lad gagged, and laid out on his bed, feet tied to a chair with his soft, clean beautiful soles exposed. his Daddy alternates between disciplining with hard smacks from a plastic hairbrush, and maddening tickle torture using the bristles of the brush on the throbbing soles of his feet. The twink is in severe discomfort in this short spanking discipline video, be sure to check out the full video!

Helpless twink gets his beautiful feet painfully punished

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Tattooed young punk gets a hard lashing with a leather belt

Ageless (or should that be deathless?) Jeff Stern has scheduled another corporal training session with eager slave boy Nicholas Leoni. He’s a scruffy young American lad, with cheap looking tattoos up and down his arms, the kind you get in the back of a gas station at 3am when you’re drunk and there’s a better than 50/50 chance you’re walking away with a spelling mistake or hepatitis. He’s also got a septum piercing, but overall his look is reminiscent of a homeless man’s James Roday…but I digress. Jeff is eager to continue Nicholas’s training, warming him up with a bare hand before lashing his tender buttocks with a leather belt. Nicholas gnashes his teeth and cries in protest, but he’s obedient and submissive and he wants to please Jeff Stern and earn his reward. Jeff obsesses over Nicholas’s pink asshole, groping his ass cheeks and spanking the pucker sharply with his index and middle fingers. Click here to get deep inside this strange slave/master spanking relationship and watch the full length twink spanking videos.

Tattooed young punk gets a hard lashing with a leather belt

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Straight Boys Punished Together


A couple of nervous straight college boys found their way to after their financial situation became extra dire. Kenneth has dropped his pants for Master Rich before, but his best friend Greg is super uneasy about making a “gay porno”. Rich is reveling in the nervous tension between the two and decides to spank them one at a time while the other watches to maximize their squeamishness. Greg is selected to go first, and he flops over Rich’s lad into the OTK position like he’s a mere schoolboy. Greg tries to be tough, knowing his friend is watching, but Rich breaks him and humiliates him using a metal ruler and hairbrush. Kenneth fidgets in the background while Greg wheezes and whimpers, choking back his baby-bitch tears. Kenneth fares no better over Rich’s knee. His brave facade crumbles quickly under the pain brought by a wooden paddle, ruler and hairbrush. Greg ends up laughing at his buddy while he was enduring the worst of the male spanking punishment. Friends are the worst! When it’s all over, both boys quickly realize that being a tough guy in front of their friends was complete bullshit and not important. Watch these delicious young college lads earn a valuable life lesson at the hands of Master Richard in this exciting amateur gay spanking video!




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