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Nasty caning punishment…Twink in epic pain!

Here’s a hot treat for those who love seeing young lads caned — this twink is stripped to his shorts and bound at the wrists, laying on his stomach while his master takes the cane to his back and his ass. He thrashes and twitches with every lash, and his cries get louder and more pathetic. His master is surely enjoying the experience, as there is no mercy hinted at, only more lashes to turn his back into ribbons of burning flesh! Enter here to watch this twink’s entire caning ordeal.

Twink slave gets his back and ass brutally caned

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California Teen gets a Merciless Yardstick Spanking!

Just before the holidays began, the folks over at Tropixxx debuted a new spanking site — Real Male Spankings — that will be the new home for all of their new and archived male spanking videos. I’ve had a chance to poke around and as always I’m very impressed with the authentic spanking action and the quality of the model. Nick has found a home at Real Male Spankings, and is featured in many of the scenes added to the tour. He looks about 20 years old and has a toned body and firm buttocks. The video features Nick in the kitchen, bent over the sink and receiving licks with an old-fashioned wooden yardstick, like a scene out of the 1950s or even older. I really appreciate Tropixxx’s use of the split screen technique that lets us see the spanking and face of the model at the same time. Even though he’s biting on a rag, Nick’s face is etched with pain and he can’t wait for his ordeal to be over. Have a look at the new super site from Tropixxx: Real Male Spankings and see if you don’t think their content is deliciously painful too!


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Beasting the Gimp

I’m happy to share a video with you from a true CP training devotee who goes by the handle GIMPBOYLONDON. He emailed me this weekend with a sampling of videos he has made for the classic UK CP training site I was over the moon to watch the videos, and they are great examples of the authenticity of true Male/male corporal punishment videos that so many porn studios lack. There’s not a lot of fanfare involved, the Gimp is restrained against a simple A-Frame, naked save for a full mask and deliciously sexy leather boots. His CP administrator is dressed in military garb and he wields a long cane and he eagerly gets to work caning the Gimp’s ample backside. My total thanks to GIMPBOYLONDON for sharing these videos with me, and I will be posting more very soon. Click here to see more of these incredible caning CP videos at

beasting the gimp

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Parolee Faces Additional Corporal Punishment

Casper has got a story we don’t often hear…He has spent the last few years in jail in the States…certainly not anything we would wish on anyone, but after his release, he’s seeking some quick cash and he hits up his old friends at Reluctant Young Men. It’s hard out there when you’ve got a record, and Casper is willing to endure the pain and humiliation of submitting to corporal punishment to earn a few hundred bucks. Master Scott manhandles the ex-con, twisting his ear to ensure his compliance to the OTK position. Casper lies across Scott’s lap and soon the painful blows begin. First bare hand spanking on top fo the clothes, then just the underwear, and then the bare flesh of Casper’s ass. Prison has certainly made this boy firmer, and Scott relishes the bounce in the cheeks every time he strikes a blow. But the name of the game is real corporal discipline, and Scott upgrades the punishment to the leather strap, and now he has to fight with Casper to keep him locked in place. The leather smacks Casper over and over and his red ass is starting to veer into purplish territory, and welts and broken blood vessels are visible through the skin. This is exactly what Scott is looking for. He moves into the final phase: an extended session with a cane. Casper’s buttocks get a sharp whipping with a thin cane and it must feel like his flesh is getting shredded! Click here to see this very fine update featuring great OTK corporal punishment from!


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