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School Lad caned and milked

Posted in bare hand spanking, caning, corporal punishment, twinks on March 10th, 2015 by admin

Here’s a vintage clip (from all the way back in 2009!) from BoyNapped featuring dreamy Welsh twink Tyler Brooks…He kinda crashed a party at the BoyNapped penthouse, eager to try and cozy up to the popular boys in Sebastian’s crew. Except that you can’t party with the lads unless you’ve been initiated and Sebastian absolutely relishes the opportunity to break in this sweet boy in. He bends Tyler over his knee and pulls down his pants, revealing his juicy little bubble butt, and then he starts whipping that ass first with a riding crop and then with the twink’s own leather belt. In between spanks on the ass, Sebastian caresses and strokes Tyler’s massive 9″ cock. His impressive tool gets hard as Sebastian continues his corporal punishment conquest. The finale is stunning — Sebastian whips Tyler across his already crimson buttocks with a cane, eliciting yelps and cries of pain. Download the full twink corporal punishment video here!

schoolboy twink lad caned and cropped

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Incredibly intense twink schoolboy caning

Posted in bare hand spanking, caning, corporal punishment, extreme, twinks on February 19th, 2015 by admin

I wanted to share this clip with you that I think might be the most intense and severe corporal punishment video that I have ever posted on this blog before. It’s from the website, normally known more for bondage and BDSM rather than straight ahead spanking and corporal punishment, but in this episode they focus on the caning punishment of Josh, a twink schoolboy at the hands of brutal bullies Bryan and Guy. Unlike other corporal punishment videos that involve schoolboy discipline for unruly behaviour, this shocking clip is devoid of the discipline element, focusing only on the punishment and humiliation of twink schoolboy Josh. Bryan and Guy whip him on the buttocks so hard that they break two canes and then they proceed to spank him bare handed, again spanking Josh so hard it looks like they are swinging their hands in a barroom brawl. I wanted to get your feedback on a video like this…Is it to extreme for your tastes? How do you feel about this level of aggression and brutality? Click here if you want to watch the full length twink caning video.

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incredibly intense twink schoolboy caning

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Merciless male-male caning punishment

Posted in caning, extreme on February 19th, 2015 by admin

The Straight Hell perverts are no doubt sadists of the highest degree. They seem to prefer to express their sadism in terms of bondage and BDSM, but sometimes their fancy turns to extreme corporal punishment. Here’s a clip showcasing their love of pain and punishment skill wielding the cane. Two chav youth are lined up and bent over with their asses in the air, and Master Adrian lashes them until their asses are red and fiery red hot. Enter here to watch the most extreme cane punishment I’ve seen all year at!

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merciless male-male caning punishment

English criminal youth whipped and caned in full HD video here!

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Spencer Reed demonstrates heavy corporal

Posted in caning, corporal punishment, extreme, whipping on February 3rd, 2015 by admin

Here’s a wicked punishment video from Bound Gods, featuring extremely god-like Spencer Reed with his arrogant swagger and stiff cock ready to teach scruffy sub Zack Alexander a tough lesson in bondage discipline. There are two kinds of bondage, Spencer brags: bondage with corporal punishment and bondage without. Spencer famously prefers the former. He gives Zach hellacious whip lashes across his ass and back, and stings his backside with a bamboo cane while he stuffs his asshole with cruel objects. Spencer takes the cane to the soles of Zach’s feet, making him do a painful dance, as he strokes his fat cock and gets ready to shove his fat cock in Zach’s mouth. Spencer Reed proves his status as top dog at BoundGods with another fantastic corporal punishment video. See the full video of Spencer punishing and fucking Zach in super-real hi-def.

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Enter here to see the full length bdsm punishment test in Hi Def.

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British Lad Caned Front and Back

Posted in caning, corporal punishment, extreme, twinks on February 3rd, 2015 by admin

Boynapped has a delicious corporal punishment scene featuring Brit twink Olly Taylor this week. After disappointing his Daddy, he’s chained tot he cellar wall and taught a lesson with the cane. He wails like a baby at the lightest flick of the cane, so god knows how loud its going to get when Sebastian Kane gets up to full strength. After warning Olly with some over the clothing cane strikes, Sebastian simply cuts off the lad’s clothes to expose his naked flesh and proceeds to give him the full punishment, caning him front and back, leaving him striped across the back, chest, abdomen, groin and buttocks. Painful, grueling and nightmarish, Olly slumps against the wall when Sebastian finally relents. Click here to watch the complete corporal punishment video at!


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Hardcore Twink Whipping

Posted in caning, corporal punishment, twinks, whipping on January 16th, 2015 by admin

Enjoy a pick-me-up this Sunday — it’s a new video from the Czech Republic…another fantastic Czech twink has been extremely badly behaved, earning him an extreme punishment. Taped at the wrists and neck and bent over a chair, this twink is helpless to defend himself against the whips of the can from his master. Lashing his upper thigh, and then pulling up his underwear to expose his buttocks, the disciplinarian, lashes this mischievous bugger until his ass and legs are a red, raw mess. The twink tries to scream in pain through his gag, but can only manage hoarse, agonized cries. As a special capper for the lad, the taskmaster uses the end of the cane to probe his asshole with to get it ready for some off-camera (for now) anal fetish games. Enter here to see this amazing male/male caning video!

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misbehaving euro twink gets his fresh ass whipped with a cane

Click here to see this twink’s complete, miserable whipping pain at!

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