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Coach spanks an Underachiever

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment, GIFs, twinks on March 20th, 2015 by admin

Here’s another Coach/athlete spanking video we all love so much — is tapping its endless reserves of adorable twinks to tell this cautionary tale of discipline and reward. Twinky soccer player Luke Allen has been dragging his team down all year, and with a final shot at the playoffs disappearing before their eyes, the team is relying on everyone playing their best, even gawky Luke. Before their next game, Coach Clark follows Luke home to impart the gravity of the situation, but the pep talk devolves into frustration and basically, “Don’t fuck it up.” With that, Coach flips Luke over the bed like a rag doll and pulls down his shorts — love that Luke is wearing that jock strap. It frames his ass so perfectly and makes it irresistible. Coach warms up Luke with a series of bare handed spanks across his buttocks, and then pulls out his favourite disciplinary tool: his wooden paddle. Luke grimaces and whinges as the paddle smacks his butt, and he promises to play his best. To ensure he’s telling the truth, Coach keeps whacking him and telling him his throbbing crimson ass will be his reminder to not fuck up. Click here to watch this sizzling hot coach-on-lad spanking video at


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Sexy twink in painful corporal punishment

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment, twinks on March 11th, 2015 by admin

Jeff Sterne my be a bit of a creep, but he’s got suck good taste in choosing play mates. Meet Felix, a delicious Latino with a dark sexy handsome face and beautiful eyes. He’s never been punished, and Jeff jumps on this and gets him twisted and trapped for his virgin spanking. Sterne treats him to vicious bare hand spanking, plus hot pain action with a wooden paddle. Make sure you click here to get your login to see the full video!

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Spanish twink Felix gets a burning hot spanking punishment

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Jay’s tearful Apology and OTK punishment

Posted in bare hand spanking on March 11th, 2015 by admin


Straight Lads Spanked has had a great series of videos focused on Jay, Mr. X and a failed drug test. Jay, a promising athlete has been taking PEDs but was caught. His punishment was to face the harsh discipline of Mr. X, a special administrator his team manager brought in specifically to adjust Jay’s bad attitude. And it worked. Humbled, Jay now returns to his home to tearfully confess his wrongdoing to his Dad, who despite the shock, is gentle and forgiving. They agree that that Jay needs a clean slate, and that one final gesture of paternal discipline would make them both feel that the incident is in the past. Jay leans ove his father’s knee, like he did so many times when he was a boy, and his father delivers a series of measured but firm spanks to Jay’s bare bum. After everything Jay has been through, he still whimpers and moans, but he doesn’t fight his father. He takes his punishment like an adult until they’re both satisfied. Although I don’t have a trailer for this video, the full file is available for download at






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School Lad caned and milked

Posted in bare hand spanking, caning, corporal punishment, twinks on March 10th, 2015 by admin

Here’s a vintage clip (from all the way back in 2009!) from BoyNapped featuring dreamy Welsh twink Tyler Brooks…He kinda crashed a party at the BoyNapped penthouse, eager to try and cozy up to the popular boys in Sebastian’s crew. Except that you can’t party with the lads unless you’ve been initiated and Sebastian absolutely relishes the opportunity to break in this sweet boy in. He bends Tyler over his knee and pulls down his pants, revealing his juicy little bubble butt, and then he starts whipping that ass first with a riding crop and then with the twink’s own leather belt. In between spanks on the ass, Sebastian caresses and strokes Tyler’s massive 9″ cock. His impressive tool gets hard as Sebastian continues his corporal punishment conquest. The finale is stunning — Sebastian whips Tyler across his already crimson buttocks with a cane, eliciting yelps and cries of pain. Download the full twink corporal punishment video here!

schoolboy twink lad caned and cropped

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Twink boyfriends love naked spanking discipline

Posted in bare hand spanking, twinks on March 10th, 2015 by admin

Boyfriends Christian Collins and Kyler Ash have managed to score an amazing suite in a Hollywood hotel for their vacation fling, and they are both incredibly excited to be in such a sexy, sinful city. Christian is trying to get ready to hit the clubs on their first night out, but prissy Kyler is hogging the bathroom! After banging on the door to no avail, Christian finally barges in on Kyler and catches his cute boyfriend masturbating, stroking his long, thick twink dick. Christian is pissed because he and Kyler had talked about hooking up with another lad or two at the clubs later that night and bringing them back to the suite for crazy group sex, and now Kyler is dicking around and about to waste a load! Christian flips Kyler around and bends him over the bathroom vanity. With skill and surprising severity, Christian starts giving Kyler a hot barehand spanking, and the lippy twink loves every second of it! Christian smacks Kyler’s bare ass with his hand until his tender flesh is enflamed and crimson, but Kyler kees begging for more, and trying to touch Christian’s thick cock. Christian works the frustration out of his system, and starts getting horny himself. Maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing to waste a load before hitting the clubs tonight! Click here to watch the full twink spanking video in HD.

twink boyfriends love naked spanking discipline

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Thick-Dicked twink spanked OTK and Fucked

Posted in bare hand spanking, GIFs, twinks on March 10th, 2015 by admin

This clip features a great pair of European twinks — the dominant blond comes home to find his boyfriend naked and wanking on the sofa amidst a pile of porno mags. Annoyed and feeling sadistic, the top pulls his boyfriend over his knee and starts giving him a verbal punishment before the spanking commences. Every time I see a spanking where the lad’s cock is pushed downwards between his legs, I feel like I’m gonna faint. This sub boy has such a beautiful cock: thick, cut and getting harder as the spanking goes on. The bare hand spanking lasts a while, until the top’s horniness overcomes him and he strips down to fuck his boyfriend’s smooth red throbbing ass. These two are really into each other and I’m sure their arguments are just amazing as their makeups. Click here to watch this great combination of male spanking and gay sex at


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