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Street thug punished for past sins

Jack is a street tough and the latest lad spanked at the new amateur male-male site “Spanking Boys”. I did something of a double take when I saw his bubble butt, and the spanking action in the video clip is certainly not staged and nothing is held back. Jack is a legit tough street thug, akin to a chav lad, according to the author of the site, and his body shows scars from previous fights and altercations. The 18 year old thug wanted to get spanked to atone for his past wrongdoing…the author didn’t care, he was rock hard as soon as the lad’s trousers came off and he wanted to punish every inch of sexy flesh on that boy. I have to say, I’m totally impressed by the quality of this clip: it’s intense, Jack is really taking his punishment well even though he is obviously feeling the pain. Check out the full video of Jack getting bare hand spanked and paddled hard.

bubble butt beautiful boy takes a beating

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Amateur twink suffers a terrific spanking

More terrific video of a first time amateur twink getting spanked…Meet Marty, a wannbe tough guy from Budapest trying to convince people he’s a dangerous gangster or something else badass. He figures an easy way to make cash is to hang out at the cruising spots with the other rentboys and wait for a date and then rob the trick of his cash. But he meets up with villainous sex tourist “A” prowling the streets for another piece of fresh meat to punish. “A” sizes up Marty in about two seconds and plays the fool, inviting the phony tough boy back to his flat for some wine and mischief. Marty thinks he’s got an easy score, he’s steal the cash, the laptop, phone and whatever else the homo perv has back home.

So they go back to the apartment, each hatching his own devious mental plan to screw the other. But before Marty can spring into action, “A” has turned from helpless prey to ferocious predator, locking the door, pushing the confused twink over the bed and ripping his jeans down around his ankles. The spanking begins, and “A” uses his bare hand to smack Marty silly. The rentboy’s ass is a burning crimson red but his tormentor never offers any relief. Marty is crying our for mercy and trying to squirm away, to no avail. Just when he thinks his rough trick is getting tired and he might have an opening for escape, that’s when Marty feels the burning sting of the paddle. No mercy, no chance for this swaggering wannabe gangster. Click here to watch the full length first time amateur gay spanking video.

amateur twink suffers a terrific spanking

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Czech boy tests his pain tolerance

Lukas is quite the blossoming masochist. He’s a student at a very rigid European all-male college and discipline is one of the main tenants of their educational philosophy. Male students earn corporal punishment sessions for missing classes, leaving campus without permission and other personal conduct infractions. Lately, Lukas has become obsessed with getting punished, he masturbated constantly to the memory of his bare ass getting spanked with a wooden paddle and he has found more and more ways of being sent to the Office of the Disciplinarian. He walks a fine line between getting a hard spanking to satisfy his urges and getting expelled from school for being a habitual miscreant. He’s forced to bide his time between infractions, his sexual energy getting pent up and frustrating him before he’s allowed to lash out and seek the electrifying pain of hard corporal punishment. Click here to watch Lukas’s full length corporal punishment video.

Czech boy tests his pain tolerance

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Beefy Stud Bellows During his Painful Punishment

Czech stud Martin Porter is having a very painful start to his adult modelling career. He’s shackled to a St. Andrew’s cross by his wrists and ankles while his masked assailant whips his naked chest with a leather flogger. The bulky working class straight man bellows in pain every time the flogger rips across his flesh and he tries to kick away but the restraints hold, keeping him trapped. Finally, once he’s exhausted and no longer fighting tooth and nail, his captor lets him off the cross and he crumples to the ground, but the whipping keeps going as Martin lies on the floor. The masked master finally puts away the flogger and oils up Martin’s muscular bubble butt in preparation for a hot, heavy handed spanking. Martin’s yells resume as his buttocks are smacked relentlessly and his virgin asshole is probed. He gets a thick dildo in his hole to stretch him out while the spanking continues. Finally Martin’s punishment is finished, but his humiliating experience is not complete until the straight guy strokes his cock and shows his captor a big juicy cumshot. Str8hell is full of Corporal Punishment surprises…click here to see Martin Porter’s full dungeon corporal punishment adventure!


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Aggressive Jock ignores Blowjob; Just Wants to Spank BF

This is another terrific clip from British Boys Fetish Club featuring an intense young gay couple with electric sexual chemistry. The older, more athletic lad is worshiped by his smaller, twinkier boyfriend who is constantly called on to satisfy the dominant lad’s sex drive. On this day, the younger lad is dutifully and skillfully sucking his boyfriend’s thick cock, swallowing his length until the head of the cock is hitting the back of his throat. Despite the great head he’s getting, the older lad is growing restless with his passive role. He hauls the younger boy on his lap and starts smacking his ass, first over his jeans and then on his bare ass. Using his strong hand, the spanks echo through the room and the older top growls aggressive dirty talk to his helpless teenage boyfriend. With his ass growing redder by the second, the younger lad is getting more turned on and pushing his buttocks higher for better contact. This is just a small taste — click here to go to BritishBoys Fetish Club to see the full hard OTK spanking and explosive sexual climax.


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