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Beautiful lad gets an old fashioned OTK spanking

Sencer Keve is a new lad recently discovered by Helix Studios and his wild antics have earned him a trip to resident disciplinarian Jeff Stern. Jeff loves working with these trouble cases and is eager to set the twink lad back on the right path. But Jeff is an advocate of old-school tough love, and when Sencer arrives at Jeff’s office and gives him the slightest bit of backtalk and attitude, Jeff flips the beautiful twink lad over his knee and starts spanking him with his bare hand, first delivering intense slaps to his butt over his jeans, and then quickly enough he’s administering his bare hand spanks to Sencer’s naked buttock. Sencer’s ass is soon radiating heat and showing off an alarming crimson coloration, and he whimpers his best apology and promises to try and be better. Jeff looks him in the eyes and knows he’ll have to discipline this twink again soon. Click here to watch Sencer’s complete hot corporal punishment video in HD!

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Crying little lad Takes it all at BBFC!

*** WARNING — Extreme Content! ***

Jimmy has inherent ability to make himself a pest, and he finally pushed BritishBoysFetishClub’s Craig into exasperation, earning the twinky lad a trip to the punishment room. First Craig unleashes the cane on a howling Jimmy who endures an impressive number of strokes before he breaks down sobbing. Craig’s stony heart in unmoved, and he pulls the quivering scamp over his knee for an extra round of spanking with the big wooden brush. Jimmy’s ass has a deep purple bloom forming, but Craig is still relentless: he uses a paddle and then finally a wide rubber strap that leaves Jimmy a crumpled, bawling wretch. Time will tell if it’s a lesson that sticks or if repetition will be required (Oh God yes, I hope so!). Click here to treat yourself to the full length extreme Corporal Punishment video at BritishBoysFetishClub!


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Twink Teen curious about Painful Punishment

Mike was a big thrill for everyone the first time he appeared on Spanking-Boys and I was super excited to see that he had come back to shoot a second video. Apparently feeling the touch of a man was deeply arousing for him and he wanted to experience the sensation of Mr. “A”‘s stinging spanking and the the gentle caress of swollen teen cock. The elder kinkster was eager to welcome back the smooth, bubble butt teen back to his studio, and invited him to take a shower before commencing the punishment. Mike gets bent and twisted and flipped into every position that Mr. “A” can imagine and takes his bare hard spanking remarkably well; his teenage hormones are raging and when his master’s cock is presented to him, he eagerly jacks it off. Click here to see this sexually charged teen boy spanking video at!


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Big Bulky Bruiser Shamed By his Dad’s Spanking


Rico is the epitome of a big problem in society today: adult children living at home with their parents well into their thirties without ever having the inclination to leave. Maybe its poor economic prospects, large student debt, or unreasonable cost of living, but Rico has no compunction about sponging off his poor aging parents. He has even been begging off paying them rent! Finally his poor old dad has had enough and interrupts Rico’s evening bath. Dad discusses the situation with Rico and quickly Rico finds himself over his father’s lap! His father gives the man-child a humiliating spanking; definitely his ego is more bruised than his buttocks, but the evidence of the pain is there. Rico’s bulging bum muscles are rosy and sheened with perspiration after his father’s handiwork, and it gets even worse when Rico’s bottom gets worked over with Dad’s slipper! Click here to visit StraightLadsSpanked for oodles of incorrigible sons getting spanked OTK by their frustrated fathers!




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Horny Rent Boy Down For Spanking

Tomas is a super masculine rentboy working in the red light area of Budapast. After accepting an offer from the wonderful degenerate that runs, they go back to his flat for some foreplay and fun. Tomas gets into the shower and shows off his fit body and flawless skin. His host fondles his big dick until it’s hard and then starts running his finger’s through Tomas’s ass crack. Tomas has an athletic ass with a good bounce to it and his sugar daddy is eager to get the lad over his knee for a demonstration. As always, the master does a wonderful job treating us to a wide assortment of positions and angles, and we get to see close-up shots of Tomas’s ass really starting to heat up from the punishment. Finally, with his host unable to resist him any longer, Tomas gets bent over and fucked from behind by his sugar daddy. The rough and ready rentboy gets the fucking of his life and he loves it, eating his daddy’s cum and licking it all over his lips. Click here to see Tomas and all of the other amateur cuties at Spanking-Boys getting sizzling spankings!


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