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Terrified Twink gets the Belt!


Nick was a no-show for a spanking shoot at a few years ago, and the producers never forget about these kinds of things. He called them back this fall desperate for some quick cash to make his rent payment, and Daddy Richard and Chic were agreeable to giving him a second chance, but their terms were not negotiable. He was going to get a real spanking, no soft stuff, and it was going to last as long as they wanted. Once Nick was down over Chic’s knee, he couldn’t leave until Chis said it was time. Chic orders Nick to strip naked and lie across his knee. He starts Nick with a firm hand spanking and then starts using his leather belt to lash Nick’s buttocks. Nick’s face is filled with fear and pain, but the older man doesn’t care. He keeps lashing Nick’s ass cheeks with the leather belt until he decides on something more appropriate for an irresponsible young man. That’s when he pulls out the bath brush and really starts swatting Nick’s bum hard! Click here to see Nick become a teary mess during his authentic gay spanking video at Reluctant Young Men!




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Beefy Stud Bellows During his Painful Punishment

Czech stud Martin Porter is having a very painful start to his adult modelling career. He’s shackled to a St. Andrew’s cross by his wrists and ankles while his masked assailant whips his naked chest with a leather flogger. The bulky working class straight man bellows in pain every time the flogger rips across his flesh and he tries to kick away but the restraints hold, keeping him trapped. Finally, once he’s exhausted and no longer fighting tooth and nail, his captor lets him off the cross and he crumples to the ground, but the whipping keeps going as Martin lies on the floor. The masked master finally puts away the flogger and oils up Martin’s muscular bubble butt in preparation for a hot, heavy handed spanking. Martin’s yells resume as his buttocks are smacked relentlessly and his virgin asshole is probed. He gets a thick dildo in his hole to stretch him out while the spanking continues. Finally Martin’s punishment is finished, but his humiliating experience is not complete until the straight guy strokes his cock and shows his captor a big juicy cumshot. Str8hell is full of Corporal Punishment surprises…click here to see Martin Porter’s full dungeon corporal punishment adventure!


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Extreme OTK spanking clip

I can’t believe that December is already slipping away like this! Less than 3 weeks until Christmas and we have so much naughty behaviour and discipline to cover before then! Here’s a very intense clip of a muscular blond lad reduced to a quivering pup as he bends over Daddy’s knee to receive his searing spanking. The bare hand slapping his bubble butt is relentless, but the action gets so much more amazing when Daddy switches to the leather strap. He swings the paddle like he’s a machine, and gives the blondie ten lashes in the blink of and eye. This is just a small taste from the full video. Go ahead and treat yourself to the complete spanking discipline video inside.

extreme OTK spanking clip

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Here’s a New One: Paintbrush Spanking?!?


Just when you thought you’ve seen everything, someone sends you a paintbrush spanking video. This one comes from Straight Lads Spanked and features Chris the Handyman, once again getting into trouble on the job for his questionable ethics. This time he’s been hired as a housepainter and after he’s been left alone, his dishonest nature rears its ugly head and he goes snooping around his client’s home for cash and valuables. He gets caught red handed and the home owner is in a rage. He pulls Chris over his knee and swats his muscular, athletic bum with his bare hand, turning it a very bright shade of red in short order. After getting Chris warmed up with OTK spanking, the owner stands him up against the wall and demands Chris give him his belt. Chris is reluctant, but he has no choice. He gets a crackling lashing across his buttocks with his own belt and it’s time to face the final, miserable punishment. The homeowner is determined that Chris not forget this lesson, and he grabs Chris’s paintbrush out of the tray and uses it to paddle Chris’ bum one last time, leaving his scorched butt cheeks with a coat of white paint! This one is already a big fan favourite at, with a 9/10 members rating, and I couldn’t be more in agreement. Two Thumbs Up from me! Click here to visit Straight Lads Spanked to see this weird new spanking micro-niche!


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Mischief Loving Twinks Spank Before Sex

Tyler Hill and Evan Parker are boyfriends living in an upscale Hollywood home thanks to their prodigious porn talents. Their life and relationship is the envy of all of their friends, and even they admit it’s like living in a fantasy world. They even have to create their own drama sometimes to spice things up. They have a puppy named Bentley who has a bad habit of chewing on the furniture, and Evan pretends to be in a huff when he sees the damage. Tyler begged for the dog and promised to take care of him, and when Evan sees that the patio furniture has been chewed, it’s time to punish Tyler. These two will get into bed for any reason, and Evan tells Tyler he’s earned a spanking for letting the dog misbehave. Tyler doesn’t put up a fight, he just sticks out his butt and lets his BF spank him. Soon Tyler’s naked and Evan is smacking his bubble butt hard, turning it red and getting it warm and puffy. The pair are so turned on by the punishment, that Tyler thanks Evan by sucking his boyfriend’s thick hard cock. Click here to watch this kinky twink couple spanking and sucking at Spank This.


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