Broke-Ass Douchebag Upset That Spanking For Cash Hurt So Much


This assclown is Nox, a 32 year old douchebro with no job and god knows how many kids and girlfriends to support. So when he was at his lowest, he called Richard for a spanking gig for some quick cash. Rich says he feels bad for spanking this “skilled laborer” but I can see with my own fucking eyes this guy is the lowest kind of overgrown frat bro sleazing around every East Coast city. Look at that fucking greasy hair, chin pube goatee and backwards throwback Philles hat — you know he’s rocking out to some serious Eminem every night while his kids scream in shitty diapers. Fuck this guy and his literal butthurt. Rich gives him a hard OTK spanking on his bare ass with his hand and then switches up and finishes Nox with the wooden bath brush, and Nox has a pair of great rosey red cheeks that he’s trying to rub the pain off of. Richard asks him how he feels, and Nox spits back that it wasn’t supposed to hurt that fucking much and he feels all emasculated. Whoa Whoa Nox, don’t go spending that spanking cash on all of them $5 words there! Make your day and watch the full video of this idiot straight sleazebag getting spanked hand and thoroughly emasculated at Reluctant Young Men.




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