British School boy caning punishment

Here’s a really smart clip featuring some classic British Schoolboy discipline. The video starts off with an unruly young man forced to strip naked and bend over the headmaster’s knee, and the headmaster really gives him some classic punishment: he uses a wooden hairbrush to spank the boy’s naked buttocks, and he smacks the flesh with all of his strength. The boy’s ass glows red with pain, but that’s just a small taste of what he’s in for. The headmaster stands him up and bends him over at the waist, his tight, strong buttocks thrust in the air. Then the headmaster reveals his favourite implement, the rattan cane. He methodically lashes the schoolboy across his bare buttocks, ordering him to remain still while the most painful punishment of his life is administered. In the end, even the headmaster is craving more punishment. He uses his belt to give the agonized schoolboy a final excruciating lashing.

wicked corporal punishment for schoolboy



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