British Bullies Do Extreme Damage to Slave Boy’s Ass!

The sadists at BreederFuckers have a new guy in their clutches this month — Sergei — and they are really pulling out all the stops to give him the most painful corporal punishment of his life! Dave and Daniel Johnson are really pumped to thrash this bastard after he marched into their office, announced he was Russian Mafia and he was there to collect cash for protection. Who exactly do Dave and Daniel need protection from? It seems like they are doing just fine fending for themselves and they quickly overpower the Russian gangster wannabe and rope him to a bench in their dungeon. Dave is equal parts charismatic and cruel, and he amuses himself with Sergei’s bubble butt, slapping it as hard and fast as he can like a set of bongos until Daniel can muscle in and unleash his leather flogger on the wilting Russian’s throbbing bottom. Dave crams a fat dildo up the straight man’s tight ass, and the pair of terrible twins hand the cane back and forth getting some extra lick in before switching torture gears to focus on something more penetrative and punitive. Click here to watch the cruel masters inflict a painful and cruel corporal punishment on this unfortunate criminal at!


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