Brash Lad Karl Gets his Revenge on his former Tormentor


Karl and Kevin have had a very contentious relationship for the past few months. Karl was caught stealing from his teammates and Kevin was nominated to punish him in a most humiliating and unforgettable way. Kevin pulled down Karl’s pants and really gave his ass a sound thrashing for the sake of team unity. Now a few weeks later, after the waters have seeming calmed down, the old rivally rears its head and Karl comes back seeking revenge.


It seems that the data breach at Ashley Madison has provided fertile ground for those seeking to extort or punish their enemies. Curious Karl dug through the database and lo and behold, there appeared Kevin’s information. It seems he’s been trying to use the cheaters’ website to step out on his girlfriend. (no doubt unsuccessfully, but still, his heart was full of impure intentions…)


Karl confronts Kevin with the evidence of his cheating and says the only way to keep it from Zoe is to submit to a spanking. Kevin is dumbfounded and argues, but Karl has him cornered. He can’t lose his girlfriend, and Karl starts dialing her on his mobile and counting down from 10…9…8…



Kevin finally gives up and lays across Karl’s lap. Karl really lays into Kevin’s ass hard, smacking his strong, athletic buttocks with his hand, putting the strength of his shoulders into it. Kevin’s ass turns bright red and he’s complaining and squirming, but Karl won’t give him a way out.



Finally Karl has had his fill, but will he keep his promise and not tell Zoe? Or will he keep using this secret to punish his rival Kevin? Click here to watch the full male/male revenge spanking video at Straight Lads Spanked!


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