Balkan stud gets his sculpted ass paddled hard

People primarily associate the term “chav” with lower class ruffians from the UK, lovers of knock-off track suits and garish gold jewelry but the species is not isolated to the British Isles. Chavs populate the length and breadth of Europe and this video captures a magnificent chav scum lad from the Balkans in a white, knock-off track suit really giving his boyfriend a serious spanking with a wooden paddle. He starts slowly and deliberately, but with authority. The paddle spanks get harder and faster, and the jock with the sculpted ass on the receiving end grunts and calls out in pain every time the wooden paddle hits his red, swollen bubble butt. Click here to watch these chav boyfriends make an afternoon out of paddling spanking and corporal punishment fantasies.

Balkan stud gets his sculpted ass paddled hard

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