#BadLads: Bubble Butt Jonny Earns a Stinging Spanking

Another Jonny has come seeking help; he doesn’t want to be a Bad Lad any more, but he needs help getting back on the right track. He has heard this tattooed thug can help you break the strongest addiction, and 21 year old Jonny has a serious compulsion when it comes to watching online porn. He confesses that his father spanked him on his bare ass when he was 18 when his grades were plunging in school. He hopes another hard, painful spanking will help him curb his porn addiction and once again get his studies back on track. The tattooed thug smirks, relishing his role as disciplinarian in this young man’s life and he promises that the pain will get his head straight. Click here to watch this cute lad enduring a deliciously painful spanking at Bad-lads.com.

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