Angry Dad Paddles His Lazy Boy


Rod is really turning into a disappointment to his father. After deciding to “take a year off” from college, he has spent months and months sleeping in, watching tv and playing video games while not paying rent or helping his parents. His Dad finally boils over when he comes home from a hard day at work to find his lazy, overgrown child lounging around and generally being useless. His patience is gone and he orders Rod to stand up and pull down his trousers for a spanking. Rod is nervous, and he knows that all of the threats and warnings he ignored are about to turn into some painful consequences. And for some reason, this lazy boy decided to wear a jockstrap? Great deal for us though. His dad pulls him over his knee and starts swatting him hard and quick with his bare hand, and Rod’s jiggly bum starts turning pink.


Rod’s dad is not satisfied however, and he wants to make sure the pain is severe and memorable. Rod waits nervously while his Dad fetches a paddle. Rod is ordered to bend over and his Dad swats him on his pulsating bum over and over. Finally Rod gets the message and he begs his Dad for another chance. His Dad finally has the upper hand, and he promises his lazy boy that if he doesn’t start behaving, he’ll get paddled every day until he’s turned himself into a useful member of society!britishboysfetishclub_rod_paddling