Dum-dums get Paddled Hard


These two lads are hungry for a snack after school, and they squabble about who gets what. Mik grabs a bag of chips, but Conrad wants them for himself, and in the struggle, the bag splits and the chips scatter all over the floor. The racket brings Dad into the kitchen and when he sees the mess, he hits the roof and orders the boys to drop their trousers and bend over the table. Dad brings out an oval wooden paddle and starts smacking their pudgy bums. Conrad and Mik grimace and grunt each time that their father swats them with the paddle, but sometimes they smirk when the other brother gets spanked a little harder. Dad goes back and forth until both lads’ bums are red and sore and he finally just barks at them to clean up their mess and go to their rooms. Looks like no one is getting a snack!




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