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Street lad Spence shaved smooth and spanked hard!

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment, twinks on November 18th, 2014 by admin

Spence is a tough lad who has been living the hard life on and off the streets in the capital of Romania for years. Anonymous kinkster “A” happened to meet in him in Bucharest’s central train station where he was shining shoes. One look at Spence is proof that this tough lad craved adventure, danger, risk and sex, not demeaning labour. “A” invited the lad back to his hotel for some fun and games and Spence quickly agreed, and soon found himself being filmed in the shower, showing off his sculpted torso and muscular legs. “A” was ready to tame this hellion, but first he wanted his ass looking a bit more presentable. Spence was a bit shocked as his furry ass was shaved smooth and clean, and it introduced and extra sting as “A” gave the lad a serious OTK spanking. Click here to see amateur street lad Spence getting his sculpted butt shaved smooth and spanked for the first time!

Street lad Spence learns a painful discipline lesson OTK

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Bound Chav thug gets a humiliating spanking

Posted in corporal punishment, extreme on November 13th, 2014 by admin

Lee’s punishment is pretty much the definition of hardcore. He’s a local hooligan and scumbag who harasses gay couples in his neighborhood and generally is reviled by all as a bigot asshole. And that’s when anti-heroes decided to be real heroes and chose to save their town by doing what they do best: fucking someone up really good. Dave and Adrian cozied up to Lee, and quickly turned the tables on the bully, turning him into a blubbering mess. Now they’ve got him roped, gagged and naked; he’s utterly enraged at his captors and his own helplessness, it looks like he might chew through the ball gag. Dave and Adrian don’t care…they want him to suffer and feel about one inch tall. So they spank him like a little boy. Lee’s buttocks turn red and begin to swell; welts start to form, and then shit gets real. The heroes set up a spanking machine to keep punishing the now neutered bully, while Adrian teasingly jacks off his cock, forcing the virulent homophobe into getting an erection, and then jacking him all the way to the edge and then stopping short of letting him ejaculate. Lee is crying out of pain and frustration, who wouldn’t be? Enter here to see this bastard get his comeuppance in this hilariously sexy gay spanking video.

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muscle stud gagged and gets hellacious spanking

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Brutal corporal punishment for Benjamin

Posted in caning, corporal punishment, extreme, whipping on November 7th, 2014 by admin

Enjoy this brutal corporal punishment video, courtesy of Straight Hell — Sexy Black boxer Benjamin has been trapped in his gymnasium and stripped naked and is now getting an unbelievable punishment from Straight Hell tops Dave and Reuben. They whip and flog his back mercilessly, and then cane the soles of his bare feet — Frankly the punishment is beyond epic, its biblical! These utmost of sadists torture poor Benjamin’s cock and testicles, and then force him to humiliate himself by drinking their urine. Even that’s not enough anguish for their tastes, and they whip him even more to finish the trailer. Enter here to see the amazing whipping and caning punishment video in HD.

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Eager soldier learns corporal punishment techniques

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment, twinks on November 3rd, 2014 by admin

Here’s a great clips showing the development of a new strong punishing hand on a strong young man. This clip comes from, infamous on the internet for their crazy mix of military fetish, creative BDSM and rough sex with hot young guys. This clip centers on the corporal punishment of a twink prisoner being held in the stockade of a rebel militia base. The soldier tasked with carrying out the punishment, is young and muscular, and he has no problem going from the tentative slaps of a first time spanker to the strong, confident blows of a disciplinarian enjoying his work. Jack uses his bare hand to spank the twink’s skinny buttocks and then switches to a studded leather paddle. The blows are hard a containing a fury, turning the lad’s ass into a raw welted mess and reducing the boy nearly to tears. The clip also includes bonus footage of the twink getting punished on a makeshift rack in the militia dungeon room and the twink getting humiliated by pulling his tormentor around in a horse buggy nude in the parade square. Enter here to see the sizzling hot military punishment video in full!

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skinny twink gets his ass paddled to a raw pulp

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Twinky Chav nervous about his first gay spanking video

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment, twinks on November 1st, 2014 by admin

Danny is another rentboy from Prague hired by the mystery man behind Lured back to the man’s hotel room and thinking he’d be sucking cock and fucking for cash as usual, Danny is surprised to see his date set up a camera and order him to strip naked. The mystery man gropes Danny, spreads his asscheeks and probes his hole, then orders him to lay down on the bed and receive his punishment. The Mystery man uses his bare hand to spank Danny’s full round bubble butt, and with every contact, Danny winces, and grits his teeth to contain the pain. Danny is spanked on the bed and then ordered up on his knees for more spanking. I particularly like this view, because as Danny’s ass is getting the bare hand spanking, we can see his big full balls swinging and bouncing in the rhythm of the spanking. Enter here to watch the full length twink spanking video exclusively…

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twinky chav is nervous about his first spanking video

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Sadist Brenn Wyson works the whip

Posted in corporal punishment, extreme, whipping on October 30th, 2014 by admin

Brenn Wyson is pretty mush a human highlight reel for BoundGods. I am completely convinced his deranged, sadistic and perverted on camera persona is not an act. The guy seriously rattles my cage. In this clip, he’s got Adam Russo and Blake Daniels locked up in the dungeon and he’s using the leather flogger to get them ready for more exotic punishment. Not to say that the flogging is a tickle-fest. Brenn really gives these lads a workout, swinging his muscular arms and ripping at the red raw flesh with the leather flogger. Both Adam and Blake jump and strain to escape, but Brenn completely dominates in this heavy corporal punishment video. Enter here to see Brenn Dominate these two sissy fags with his whip and cock at

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sadistic brenn wyson whipping his terrified slaves

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