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Brit Lad Billy experiences bastinado corporal punishment

Posted in caning, corporal punishment, extreme on July 4th, 2014 by admin

Billy has become the favourite plaything for the horribly cruel masters at Straight Hell. He’s 19 and he still has the looks of a young boy even though his body is growing into that of a muscular young man. He refuses to comply with their orders and tries to run away every minute he’s left unattended. To discourage him from trying to escape, Straight Hell Tops Adrian and Dave are trying a unique form of discouragement: they lay Billy flat on the floor of the training room and tie his legs wide apart. Adrian weilds a cane gleefully and lashes the soles of Billy’s feet. Bastinado, falaka, or whatever you refer to it as personally, is simply foot caning and it is a powerful deterrent in many Middle Eastern and Asian countries and Billy gets to feel first hand the sharp, electric jolts of pain stabbling through the soles of his feet. Just when he thinks Adrian is relenting, he is propped up by Dave and then brutally flogged across the back and ass. Billy’s lesson in discipline in obedience has proved extremely painful, but was it effective? Click here to see the full video of Billy’s extreme bastinado corporal punishment.

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straighthell billy caned and flogged

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European Jocks cruelly punished by their sadistic schoolmaster

Posted in corporal punishment, extreme on June 26th, 2014 by admin

Enjoy this fun bit of extreme corporal punishment from British Boys Fetish Club. The jocks are left alone in gym class, and immediately the strongest seeks to bully his friends, kicking them and beating them. He’s soon interrupted by the headmaster, who first punishes the weakling victims for not standing up to their bully. Using his favourite plastic paddle, the headmaster gives each of the lads a painful lashing across their firm, muscular asses. The bully watches his classmates got punished with much satisfaction, only to have it turn to terror when the teacher’s paddle turns his way. Enter here to see the full video featuring these three lads getting sadistic corporal punishment and crying in pain!

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European Jocks are cruelly punished by their sadistic schoolmaster

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More painful father-son spanking

Posted in bare hand spanking, caning, corporal punishment on June 16th, 2014 by admin

Another painful test for Matthew…he attends an exclusive prep school where his father is the headmaster. The school is renowned for its discipline, and any misbehavior is punished with the cane. Matthew gets no special treatment because of his relationship with the headmaster. In fact, when he steps in it, he gets the caning at school, and then an agonizing spanking at home! Click here to watch the entire video detailing Matthew’s caning and barehanded OTK spanking courtesy of his hard-ass disciplinarian father!

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headmasters son gets extra painful punishment

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Callously cruel Spencer Reed flogs and canes three slave boys

Posted in caning, corporal punishment, extreme, whipping on June 2nd, 2014 by admin

I put together a short compilation video highlighting the best flogging and corporal punishment from recent slave auction live show. Featuring the work living superhero Spencer Reed and master sadist Van Darkholme, three young men are up for auction on the internet and are subjected to bizarre and cruel punishment. Spencer takes great pleasure in whipping groveling slave boy Dylan with the flogger, turning his ass into chewed hamburger. Spencer spares no one punishment…he uses a riding crop to smack these lads directly on their soft genitals while Van Darkholme prowls around behind them and lashes out with a single tail whip. Spencer also makes good use of the cane, really giving it to eager submissive Dylan across the but and then teasing him with cane strokes across the abdomen as well. Van and Spencer really get it all out of their system, beating these naked young men with canes, floggers and riding crops until everyone is exhausted and the slaves are broken and utterly submissive. Click here to watch the entire Dungeon punishment training party video inside.

Callously cruel Spencer Reed flogs and canes three slave boys

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Hard gay bondage corporal punishment

Posted in corporal punishment, extreme on May 31st, 2014 by admin

Brenn Wyson is back to share some of his heavy corporal punishment magic with us, his worshiping peons. He’s reprising his role as the school janitor with a hard-on for young male athletes in kinky situations. In this episode, he’s got beautiful young blonde Cole in his clutches, and after luring/muscling him into his cellar lair, Brenn is determined to ensure his latest crush is properly trained and respectfully compliant. After the lad bucks his training, Brenn resorts to extreme corporal punishment with his favourite leather flogger. He absolutely lashes the living shit out of Cole’s back ass and thighs before turning him around and whipping him across the chest. Cole twists and screams against his rope restraints, unable to get free. He’s trapped in a hell of pure torture and pain. The rest of us just have to wish we were there. Click here to watch the full extent of Brenn Wyson’s sadistic punishment bender and Cole’s excruciating suffering.

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hard gay bondage corporal punishment

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Punishing the raging skinhead

Posted in extreme, whipping on May 27th, 2014 by admin

The perverted thugs from Straight Hell are rarely interested in playing the heroes. In their neighbourhood, however, they have been dealing with the recent arrival of a white supremacist gang who have been demonstrating against minorities and gays. Not used to having their own primacy challenged on their home turf, Straight Hell Tops Dave and Adrian reluctantly don the mantle of hero and vow to kick these racist assholes to the curb. Posing as a documentary film crew, they charm the gang leader Lee into inviting them into the gang’s headquarters, and they listen politely as he spews his hateful garbage for the camera. When Lee is warmed up and has dropped his guard, that’s when Dave and Adrian spring the trap. They tie up the stocky, muscular young punk, and strip him naked. Like a junkyard dog, Lee lunges and tries to bite through his gag, shocking Adrian a little but ultimately earning scorn and painful punishment. While Adrian licks Lee’s face and kisses him through the duct tape gag, Dave unleashes fury on Lee with his leather flogger. The flogger lashes Lee’s body…his ass, back and abs. Dave is relentless, lashing him with anger and vengeance. Lee fights every lash and never quits trying to free himself…if he ever did, it would be a hell of a melee. Click here to see more hot punishment from this set!

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sexy thug roped and savagely whipped

Enter here to see the full video detailing Lee’s punishment and humiliation in excruciating detail

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