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Dirk Caber flogs his star pupil

Posted in corporal punishment, whipping on July 30th, 2014 by admin

It’s great to have another great flogging video featuring buff daddy Dirk Caber swinging the whip. Just the site of his muscular body and throbbing cock juxtaposed against his helpless young athletic pupil really arouses me. Dirk and his star quarterback protege Blake Goodwin are alone in the school lockerroom and the horny daddy can’t control his urges. He ropes the young man, blindfolds him and even locks his cock in a chastity cuff while lashing his taut, athletic body with a leather flogger. Dirk taunts and growls in Blake’s ear with his sexy voice, striking fear in the helpless young man. Dirk flogs Blake’s ass mercilessly, and works his back and abdomen as well. Soon, Blake’s flawless flesh is soon covered with welts and new bruises, and Dirk seeks more opportunities to satisfy his kinky appetites. Click here to see the complete locker room corporal punishment video featuring super daddy Dirk Caber.

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dirk caber flogs his star pupil

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Hardcore Prison Whipping

Posted in corporal punishment, whipping on July 24th, 2014 by admin

I hope you loyal readers haven’t been too lonely without me for the last few days. But I return bearing gifts in the form of an incredibly intense flogging scene from Dominant super stud Spencer Reed is playing the role of prison guard, punishing one on the inmates on his cellblock. Spencer, looking utterly menacing and oozing macho sex appeal has a hard on for Jessie, who has earned parole and is about to be released. Spencer senses that his crush on the inmate might go unfulfilled if he doesn’t act soon. So on Jessie’s last night in lockup, Spencer’s shadow crosses his doorway, and the unlucky inmate gets trussed up in leather belts and whipped mercilessly with a leather flogger. Jessie’s screams go unanswered, and Spencer stalks around him in a circle, punishing his back, buttocks, chest and stomach with hellish whip lashes. Enter here to see Spencer’s painful whipping punishment video for his prison loverboy.

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gay prison whipping

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Dungeon caning punishment

Posted in caning, corporal punishment on July 12th, 2014 by admin

Hulking dungeon menace Spencer Reed is back in the house, ready to wreak havoc and rain some punishment down on some undeserving, grovelling maggot. He has two reluctant volunteers…Leo Forte — a sponge for punishment — and Blake Daniels, a cocky ginger freak whose lanky pale frame begs for abuse. Spencer dons military fatigues, although his mesh bikini briefs are anything but standard issue. He is letting himself get more natural, I think this is the hairiest I’ve seen him, and I thinks it’s incredibly powerful and sexy. Leo and Blake are rope together in the dungeon in a classic punishment position: on all fours like a dog and asses up high to receive punishment. Spencer and Van Darkholme use canes on their asses…in no time their buttocks are striped red and swelling up. Leo is singled out for more extreme punishment. The pain continues and then is intensified with more corporal punishment with a vicious leather flogger. Leo’s back is flayed and the mega sub is actually reduced to tears! Real tears flow down his cheeks as Van Darkholme mercilessly lashes him…this is as intense as dungeon punishment gets! Click here to watch the full video of Spencer’s triumphant return and Leo’s incredible corporal punishment breakdown.

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Leo Forte gets his sub pig ass painfully caned

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Kinky Twinks experiment with corporal punishment

Posted in corporal punishment, twinks on July 2nd, 2014 by admin

Boyfriends in real life Dillon and Kyros were feeling horny as hell (not unusual) and instead of just getting nasty and fucking in the bedroom, they wanted to do some experimentation. Dillon’s dad has some pretty kinky stuff locked in a room in the basement, and after hunting for the key, the twinks found an exciting array of whips, floggers and bondage paraphernalia. Excited, Dillon fastens a pair of leather cuffs on Kyros’ wrists and hoists him to the rafters on a nylon rope. Unable to defend himself and only with a short leash, Kyros walks in small circles while Dillon chases him with a riding crop, smacking his round, tanned ass and turning it a glowing shade of red. Kyros is completely titillated by the pain and punishment, giggling nervously and playfully sticking out his bum for more spanking punishment. Dillon brings back a scary looking leather flogger and lashes Kyros across the ass…hard. The twink couple’s experiment with corporal punishment is sinfully successful, and they are soon overwhelmed by their raging hormones and they fuck bareback on the floor. Click here for more video of this amateur couple’s first time with corporal punishment training.

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sexy 19yo twink gets his ass punished by his boyfriend

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Twink Flogging Party

Posted in corporal punishment, twinks on June 24th, 2014 by admin

Here’s a very fun video featuring three twinks from Eastern Europe getting wild and nasty with floggers at their private 3-way sex party. The two dom twinks whip the ass of the beautiful blond submissive lad while he tries his best to service their hard, throbbing cocks. The flogged twink’s ass turns cherry red as the two floggers lash his fine, round bubble butt. The two dom lads have their way with the sexy blond twink, but not before delivering a searing, sexy punishment. Click here to watch the complete hot twink flogging video inside!

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Euro twinks have a naked flogging party

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Callously cruel Spencer Reed flogs and canes three slave boys

Posted in caning, corporal punishment, extreme, whipping on June 2nd, 2014 by admin

I put together a short compilation video highlighting the best flogging and corporal punishment from recent slave auction live show. Featuring the work living superhero Spencer Reed and master sadist Van Darkholme, three young men are up for auction on the internet and are subjected to bizarre and cruel punishment. Spencer takes great pleasure in whipping groveling slave boy Dylan with the flogger, turning his ass into chewed hamburger. Spencer spares no one punishment…he uses a riding crop to smack these lads directly on their soft genitals while Van Darkholme prowls around behind them and lashes out with a single tail whip. Spencer also makes good use of the cane, really giving it to eager submissive Dylan across the but and then teasing him with cane strokes across the abdomen as well. Van and Spencer really get it all out of their system, beating these naked young men with canes, floggers and riding crops until everyone is exhausted and the slaves are broken and utterly submissive. Click here to watch the entire Dungeon punishment training party video inside.

Callously cruel Spencer Reed flogs and canes three slave boys

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