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Spencer Reed & Phillip Aubrey: Corporal Punishment Training

Posted in corporal punishment on October 28th, 2014 by admin

Here’s the hottest couple in gay porn in another slave training video…Spencer Reed and Phillip Aubrey are exploring BDSM training, and I wanted to put together the best corporal punishment scenes together for my spanking loving readers. Spencer, the experienced teacher, uses a riding crop and a cane on his lover’s back, chest and thighs to hammer home the fundamentals of discipline and respect. Phillip is gritting his teeth in pain and frustration, trying to get through the agony of each cane lash across his beautiful chest. Spencer even gets the leather flogger out and lashes Phillip across the back and ass while he’s in a hot suspension tie. Check out the full video and lots more corporal punishment training here!

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Spencer Reed uses heavy corporal punishment to train his slave boyfriend

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Handsome young man gets a painful ass paddling

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment on October 22nd, 2014 by admin

This is a clip from Ryan debut video with and he is certainly not being led gently down the garden path! His painful journey starts with him being stripped naked and tied from the wrists and getting his arms hoisted above his head to the ceiling. Then his precious package is locked in what the site refers to as a “cock stock”, an ingenious device to make sure your boy toy stays where you want him to stay. Once Ryan is suitably restrained, the spanker in chief, Rich, takes advantage of the pasty young lad, groping him and caressing his skin before spanking his bare ass. Rich warms him up slowly, first spanking his bare ass with his open hand, and then he starts smacking him with a big flat leather paddle. Ryan’s ass is turning red, and Ryan himself is grimacing and softly crying out at the pain of each strike of the paddle, but Rich is not close to being done. He then starts slapping Ryan’s genitals with a wooden spoon, and Ryan looks like he might cry or freak out because of the horror of being trapped while his cock is getting punished. I thoroughly enjoyed this video; click here to download the full-length spanking clip inside.

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handsome young man gets a painful ass paddling

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American redneck gets a painful gay spanking

Posted in corporal punishment on October 20th, 2014 by admin

Tommy is a Southern redneck filled with anger, resentment and homophobia, and it tickles me to watch him have to subject himself to a Male/male gay spanking video because he is so hurting for cash. It seems the one thing that might make rednecks like Tommy confront their fear of homosexuals is the horrendous economy, and in true Reluctant Young Men fashion, they are paying cash for amateur guys willing to get spanked. I have no idea how Tommy came to be in this video, but he certainly starts off thinking like he can just grit his teeth until it’s time to get paid, but big Scott knows that Tommy has to show some emotion to make it worthwhile. Leading the redneck slave boy out in chains and just his underwear, Scott warms up Tommy with a few paddles, that Tommy tries to shrug off, but after a few minutes you can see the clenched jaw and the balled up fists and you can see the pain and the rage growing inside of him. Scott works Tommy’s ass with a leather flogger and the facade finally breaks and he starts grunting in pain and protest. More to come from this scumball redneck next week! Click here to watch the full length amateur Male/male spanking video!

American redneck gets a painful gay spanking

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Hard gay bondage corporal punishment

Posted in corporal punishment, extreme on October 2nd, 2014 by admin

Brenn Wyson is back to share some of his heavy corporal punishment magic with us, his worshiping peons. He’s reprising his role as the school janitor with a hard-on for young male athletes in kinky situations. In this episode, he’s got beautiful young blonde Cole in his clutches, and after luring/muscling him into his cellar lair, Brenn is determined to ensure his latest crush is properly trained and respectfully compliant. After the lad bucks his training, Brenn resorts to extreme corporal punishment with his favourite leather flogger. He absolutely lashes the living shit out of Cole’s back ass and thighs before turning him around and whipping him across the chest. Cole twists and screams against his rope restraints, unable to get free. He’s trapped in a hell of pure torture and pain. The rest of us just have to wish we were there. Click here to watch the full extent of Brenn Wyson’s sadistic punishment bender and Cole’s excruciating suffering.

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hard gay bondage corporal punishment

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Handsome young man tied down and flogged

Posted in corporal punishment, twinks, whipping on September 22nd, 2014 by admin

If I haven’t already posted a clip from this video, I apologize profusely. I was combing through my archive of material from and I found this set of photos and a trailer that I don’t believe I have posted on the blog before today. And for that, i want to say I am sorry. Maybe you have already seen this video, in which a beautiful young man is tied face down on the bed, his skin pinched with clothespins, and then his flesh is lashed with a leather flogger. All of the clothespins are whipped off of hi by the flogger and the corporal punishment continues with the young man’s ass bearing the brunt of the punishment. The twink is long and lanky and he has a really fleshy round bubble butt that I would love to lay my hands on. Sadly, I’ll have to keep rewatching the video until that day comes. Click here to watch the full length twink corporal punishment video.

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handsome young man tied down and flogged

Click here to see more video of young men flogged

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Savage Whipping Video Clip

Posted in corporal punishment, extreme, whipping on September 8th, 2014 by admin

Here’s an intense clip featuring tattooed tough guy Brenn Wyson, a top that I love and who I have featured many times before on this blog. He’s a savage animal with a whip in his hand, and his ruthless enthusiasm is fully on display here. He’s got Parker London roped at the wrists and strung up from the ceiling. He uses every ounce of strength he has to lash that whip against Parker’s ass, thighs and stomach. It’s brutally intense, as Brenn is screaming at his anguished slave with every stroke of the flogger. As a bonus, Brenn even plants Parker’s head right into a pile of dirt (oh, the production values!) and points his ass way up in the air. It’s a big juicy target for Brenn’s leather whip and he doesn’t restrain himself in the least. Click here to watch the entire corny Halloween gay bondage and corporal punishment video.

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Brenn Wyson is merciless with the flogger

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