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Whipping get intense

Posted in corporal punishment, twinks, whipping on April 15th, 2014 by admin

Check out this spanking-only clip featuring a hot young dude roped to a bench, fully nude. His Daddy is off camera wielding a leather whip, ready to inflict some punishment and earn some respect from this snotty brat. The master starts slowly, with teasing lashes that elicit grunts of discomfort from the star pupil, but the intensity builds and builds as the whip cracks over and over across this twink’s ass, back and thighs until they are red and glistening! Click here to see the full length feature with lots of intense twink punishment on display.

Bonus: great shots of this twink’s sweet feet.

Twink lashed with leather whip

Enter here to see the entire twink whipping punishment video in full!

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Euro twink spanked and sucks dick

Posted in corporal punishment, twinks on April 7th, 2014 by admin

Here’s an unexpectedly hot clip…at first I thought it was going to be just some sissy-type twink on twink fluff spanking, but after I watched the video clip, I have to say I was quite please with the severity of the spanking. The premise is a little contrived. A “Shopkeeper” flirts with one of his customers…they kiss, he pulls down the nubile twink’s pants to reveal one hot sexy ass. He uses a leather spanker and a flogger to punish the twink…like I said, the young top doesn’t restrain himself. The spanks are hard, loud and painful, and the twink’s ass soon is hot, red and throbbing with pain. Watch the clip and see if you agree. Enter here to see the full gay spanking sex video

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euro twinks love spanking and dick sucking

Enter here to see more amazing twinks getting their asses spanked and mouths stuffed with cock

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Sharp, painful inner thigh caning

Posted in caning, corporal punishment on April 5th, 2014 by admin

Time to get back to some creative corporal punishment from Bound Gods, this week featuring muscular slab Parker looming over dazed and restrained Trent Diesel. Parker is playing doctor and he gets Trent naked and strapped into an exam chair. But before he gets into the heavy CBT, he takes the opportunity to inflict incredible pain and suffering. Parker uses a cane to whip Trent’s inner thighs, forcing the slave boy into panic and a frantic attempt to escape his restraints. Of couse that’s impossible, so Parker evilly toys and teases his captive while turning his thighs red and throbbing with pain. Later, Parker bends Trent over a desk and administers a very hard flogging with a leather multi-tail whip. Parker uses a heavy hand to inflict the pain and again Trent struggles mightily to escape but to no avail. Click here to watch the complete punishment and gay fetish video.

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incredible thigh caning and flogging

Enter here to see more muscular specimens getting brutally punished with whips and canes

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Handsome young man tied down and flogged

Posted in corporal punishment, twinks, whipping on April 1st, 2014 by admin

If I haven’t already posted a clip from this video, I apologize profusely. I was combing through my archive of material from and I found this set of photos and a trailer that I don’t believe I have posted on the blog before today. And for that, i want to say I am sorry. Maybe you have already seen this video, in which a beautiful young man is tied face down on the bed, his skin pinched with clothespins, and then his flesh is lashed with a leather flogger. All of the clothespins are whipped off of hi by the flogger and the corporal punishment continues with the young man’s ass bearing the brunt of the punishment. The twink is long and lanky and he has a really fleshy round bubble butt that I would love to lay my hands on. Sadly, I’ll have to keep rewatching the video until that day comes. Click here to watch the full length twink corporal punishment video.

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handsome young man tied down and flogged

Click here to see more video of young men flogged

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Beefy Bearcub flogged and caned

Posted in caning, corporal punishment, extreme on March 26th, 2014 by admin

It’s time for another dose of savagery from featuring Sebastian, the furry bearcub who ran afoul of cruel master Dave. The brawny rugby jock is a handful for Dave, so he ties the tough guy spread eagle and flips him on his back so his limbs are in the air and his ass utterly exposed and easy prey for Dave. Sebastian screams as Dave whips the soles of his feet with a rattan cane, and Dave laughs like a demon and mocks Sebastian’s cries, turning the cane to the captive jock’s wide, thick ass. Dave brings out his trusty leather flogger and continues to work over his helpless sex slave, jeering his cries of desperation and painful helplessness. Click here to finish watching the extreme corporal punishment video.

Beefy bearcub flogged and caned

Enter here to see more extreme flogging punishment videos

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Spencer Reed & Phillip Aubrey: Corporal Punishment Training

Posted in corporal punishment on March 20th, 2014 by admin

Here’s the hottest couple in gay porn in another slave training video…Spencer Reed and Phillip Aubrey are exploring BDSM training, and I wanted to put together the best corporal punishment scenes together for my spanking loving readers. Spencer, the experienced teacher, uses a riding crop and a cane on his lover’s back, chest and thighs to hammer home the fundamentals of discipline and respect. Phillip is gritting his teeth in pain and frustration, trying to get through the agony of each cane lash across his beautiful chest. Spencer even gets the leather flogger out and lashes Phillip across the back and ass while he’s in a hot suspension tie. Check out the full video and lots more corporal punishment training here!

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Spencer Reed uses heavy corporal punishment to train his slave boyfriend

Enter here to see more intense whipping and caning video featuring Spencer and Phillip!

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