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More painful father-son spanking

Posted in bare hand spanking, caning, corporal punishment on September 10th, 2014 by admin

Another painful test for Matthew…he attends an exclusive prep school where his father is the headmaster. The school is renowned for its discipline, and any misbehavior is punished with the cane. Matthew gets no special treatment because of his relationship with the headmaster. In fact, when he steps in it, he gets the caning at school, and then an agonizing spanking at home! Click here to watch the entire video detailing Matthew’s caning and barehanded OTK spanking courtesy of his hard-ass disciplinarian father!

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headmasters son gets extra painful punishment

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Brutal corporal punishment for Benjamin

Posted in caning, corporal punishment, extreme, whipping on September 2nd, 2014 by admin

Enjoy this brutal corporal punishment video, courtesy of Straight Hell — Sexy Black boxer Benjamin has been trapped in his gymnasium and stripped naked and is now getting an unbelievable punishment from Straight Hell tops Dave and Reuben. They whip and flog his back mercilessly, and then cane the soles of his bare feet — Frankly the punishment is beyond epic, its biblical! These utmost of sadists torture poor Benjamin’s cock and testicles, and then force him to humiliate himself by drinking their urine. Even that’s not enough anguish for their tastes, and they whip him even more to finish the trailer. Enter here to see the amazing whipping and caning punishment video in HD.

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Enter here to see Benjamin’s entire BDSM ordeal

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Painful Outdoor Birching Clip — Twink cries in pain!

Posted in corporal punishment, extreme, whipping on August 9th, 2014 by admin

Here’s a great clip from TonOnline featuring more footage of bad boy model Ton getting nasty exploring his Dominant side and releasing his pent up aggression. He binds his playmate to a tree using plastic wrap and uses a branch to whip his bare ass. Its been a long time since I’ve seen a white boy’s ass looking that red and sore…Ton relishes causing his buddy so much pain and anguish. Enjoy the clip and see the full video of Ton tormenting his new slave exclusively at!

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agonized twink gets his ass whipped

See Ton brutalize other twinks exclusively at!

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Dungeon caning punishment

Posted in caning, corporal punishment on July 12th, 2014 by admin

Hulking dungeon menace Spencer Reed is back in the house, ready to wreak havoc and rain some punishment down on some undeserving, grovelling maggot. He has two reluctant volunteers…Leo Forte — a sponge for punishment — and Blake Daniels, a cocky ginger freak whose lanky pale frame begs for abuse. Spencer dons military fatigues, although his mesh bikini briefs are anything but standard issue. He is letting himself get more natural, I think this is the hairiest I’ve seen him, and I thinks it’s incredibly powerful and sexy. Leo and Blake are rope together in the dungeon in a classic punishment position: on all fours like a dog and asses up high to receive punishment. Spencer and Van Darkholme use canes on their asses…in no time their buttocks are striped red and swelling up. Leo is singled out for more extreme punishment. The pain continues and then is intensified with more corporal punishment with a vicious leather flogger. Leo’s back is flayed and the mega sub is actually reduced to tears! Real tears flow down his cheeks as Van Darkholme mercilessly lashes him…this is as intense as dungeon punishment gets! Click here to watch the full video of Spencer’s triumphant return and Leo’s incredible corporal punishment breakdown.

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Leo Forte gets his sub pig ass painfully caned

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Sharp, painful inner thigh caning

Posted in caning, corporal punishment on April 5th, 2014 by admin

Time to get back to some creative corporal punishment from Bound Gods, this week featuring muscular slab Parker looming over dazed and restrained Trent Diesel. Parker is playing doctor and he gets Trent naked and strapped into an exam chair. But before he gets into the heavy CBT, he takes the opportunity to inflict incredible pain and suffering. Parker uses a cane to whip Trent’s inner thighs, forcing the slave boy into panic and a frantic attempt to escape his restraints. Of couse that’s impossible, so Parker evilly toys and teases his captive while turning his thighs red and throbbing with pain. Later, Parker bends Trent over a desk and administers a very hard flogging with a leather multi-tail whip. Parker uses a heavy hand to inflict the pain and again Trent struggles mightily to escape but to no avail. Click here to watch the complete punishment and gay fetish video.

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incredible thigh caning and flogging

Enter here to see more muscular specimens getting brutally punished with whips and canes

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Beefy Bearcub flogged and caned

Posted in caning, corporal punishment, extreme on March 26th, 2014 by admin

It’s time for another dose of savagery from featuring Sebastian, the furry bearcub who ran afoul of cruel master Dave. The brawny rugby jock is a handful for Dave, so he ties the tough guy spread eagle and flips him on his back so his limbs are in the air and his ass utterly exposed and easy prey for Dave. Sebastian screams as Dave whips the soles of his feet with a rattan cane, and Dave laughs like a demon and mocks Sebastian’s cries, turning the cane to the captive jock’s wide, thick ass. Dave brings out his trusty leather flogger and continues to work over his helpless sex slave, jeering his cries of desperation and painful helplessness. Click here to finish watching the extreme corporal punishment video.

Beefy bearcub flogged and caned

Enter here to see more extreme flogging punishment videos

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