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Straight Boy receives Paddle Punishment

Posted in corporal punishment on July 8th, 2014 by admin

Randy was super nervous about making his first appearance in a gay spanking video, since the professed his heterosexuality when asked and claimed to be loyal to his girlfriend. Making the video was strictly for cash, but tough-guy Scottie thinks there’s definitely some tension and confusion underneath the scruffy, tattooed exterior. Randy is 22 years old and lives in Philadelphia. He has a lot of cheap looking tattoos on his arms and back, plus the name of his girlfriend inked on his chest (“Mary”? Really? We are supposed to believe you are not really into guys?) Scott warms him up with a couple of leather paddles, and even though Randy winces and squeaks a little, he maintains his composure. It’s not until Scott starts spanking him with his small metal paddle that Randy starts jumping around and squealing in pain. There’s so much more to see of awkward Randy’s gay spanking video debut inside.

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Straight Boy Receives Paddle Punishment

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Sweet Twink Spanking

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment, twinks on July 6th, 2014 by admin

Here is another sweet spanking video featuring amazing twink Ton from the Czech Republic. How I would dearly love to be lashing this sweet lad’s ass. Amazing gay spanking video and photos featuring Ton getting spanked with a shoe, Ton tied up with a belt to expose his ass to the punishment, plus some painful ball squeezing for good measure. Click here to see more video of bad Boy Ton getting a stinging spanking!

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Brit Lad Billy experiences bastinado corporal punishment

Posted in caning, corporal punishment, extreme on July 4th, 2014 by admin

Billy has become the favourite plaything for the horribly cruel masters at Straight Hell. He’s 19 and he still has the looks of a young boy even though his body is growing into that of a muscular young man. He refuses to comply with their orders and tries to run away every minute he’s left unattended. To discourage him from trying to escape, Straight Hell Tops Adrian and Dave are trying a unique form of discouragement: they lay Billy flat on the floor of the training room and tie his legs wide apart. Adrian weilds a cane gleefully and lashes the soles of Billy’s feet. Bastinado, falaka, or whatever you refer to it as personally, is simply foot caning and it is a powerful deterrent in many Middle Eastern and Asian countries and Billy gets to feel first hand the sharp, electric jolts of pain stabbling through the soles of his feet. Just when he thinks Adrian is relenting, he is propped up by Dave and then brutally flogged across the back and ass. Billy’s lesson in discipline in obedience has proved extremely painful, but was it effective? Click here to see the full video of Billy’s extreme bastinado corporal punishment.

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straighthell billy caned and flogged

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Kinky Twinks experiment with corporal punishment

Posted in corporal punishment, twinks on July 2nd, 2014 by admin

Boyfriends in real life Dillon and Kyros were feeling horny as hell (not unusual) and instead of just getting nasty and fucking in the bedroom, they wanted to do some experimentation. Dillon’s dad has some pretty kinky stuff locked in a room in the basement, and after hunting for the key, the twinks found an exciting array of whips, floggers and bondage paraphernalia. Excited, Dillon fastens a pair of leather cuffs on Kyros’ wrists and hoists him to the rafters on a nylon rope. Unable to defend himself and only with a short leash, Kyros walks in small circles while Dillon chases him with a riding crop, smacking his round, tanned ass and turning it a glowing shade of red. Kyros is completely titillated by the pain and punishment, giggling nervously and playfully sticking out his bum for more spanking punishment. Dillon brings back a scary looking leather flogger and lashes Kyros across the ass…hard. The twink couple’s experiment with corporal punishment is sinfully successful, and they are soon overwhelmed by their raging hormones and they fuck bareback on the floor. Click here for more video of this amateur couple’s first time with corporal punishment training.

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sexy 19yo twink gets his ass punished by his boyfriend

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Seth Serenity gives his twink boyfriend a hard spanking

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment, twinks on June 30th, 2014 by admin

Seth Serenity is pissed that his boyfriend Adam Scott went out clubbing without him and came home with a giant hickie on his neck! Seth normally is cool with sharing, but he feels hurt that he was cut out of the fun! Who hasn’t been there? Personally, I think Adam is getting off entirely too easy…if my boyfriend was running around my back at the club and coming home with a hickie, I would probably back over him with my car, rather than spank his bitch ass…however, Seth shows he’s obviously a better man than me, since he does Adam the favour of merely pulling down his pants to reveal that delicious ass and he slaps it hard with a leather paddle. This is just a tiny taste of the punishment for this yummy blond twink morsel. See the entire hardcore twink-on-twink spanking video inside…

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Seth gives Adam Scott a hard bare ass spanking

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Unruly twink teen gets a sizzling bare hand spanking

Posted in bare hand spanking, corporal punishment, twinks on June 28th, 2014 by admin

The days never get easier for Jeff Stern. The disciplinarian faces case after case of young lads refusing to take responsibility for their lives and contribute to society. So for the greater good, Jeff must punish these millineal generation brats until they can behave (and conform!). In this video clip, Jeff is tasked with disciplining wild-child Kyler Ash, a hot twink 19 year old who skipped his first day of work to go partying with his boyfriends. Jeff wakes him up from his hangover coma and reads him the riot act before yanking down his jeans and spanking his wonderful, snow white ass. Kyler is wear a pair of sexy hot pink briefs that Jeff pulls down around his thighs, and he administers a hot bare hand spanking to Kyler’s buttocks while the twink is stretched across the bed. It doesn’t look like Kyler minds too much though…he probably already has thoughts that real jobs are for suckers and his future as a gay porn star awaits. Click here to watch the complete 20 minute gay spanking video.

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hot twink bare hand spanking

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